Thumb Bandits FAQ

When did Thumb Bandits start?
Thumb Bandits first went live in February 2004. We officially launched March 2004 with a wild west theme based off the idea of Thumb Bandits being gaming banditos. Our original site artwork was all wild west, with wanted posters and thumb people with cowboy hats holding joysticks. It was pretty funky for the time and we thought it was better than just another pink and frilly girl gamer site.

Is Thumb Bandits a girl gaming site?
In a word “No”. Because the site was run by women, for some strange reason that led to the assumption by some that it was women only. That would be ridiculous and really cut out a whole heap of our members who have always been both male and female. We’re proud of being female heavy in content though, but staff is both male and female also, as are our wonderful forum members.

Why did Thumb Bandits start afresh in January 2010?
In short, we had to. The site had previously been hacked and certain functions had to be removed, including the all important search function (something a gaming site needs so people can look up posts and reviews for specific titles). Then to top it all off 2009 was the year from spam hell. Our forum became so overun with spam, we lost a lot of good members (and who could blame them!). We only hope they return now we’ve made the effort to clean every aspect of the site up. Sadly though we could not transfer our forums, so we need to start all over again. In all approximately 14219 members who had made 30614 posts in total (6228 topics and 24386 replies.) in 9 forums were lost. We’ll get there again though!

What are the “Honorary Oakley’s” for on a gaming site?
The Honorary Oakley’s started as a sort of regular piece about a stong, cool woman. We did this because quite a few male run gaming sites tend to focus on certain ‘other’ aspects of women “Gamer Babes” “Best Game Boobs” etc. We wanted to focus more on highlighting real or virtual women in a positive manner. The Honorary Oakley’s are named after wild west sharp shooter Annie Oakley… remember the original Thumb Bandits had a wild west theme.

How about those “Vagina Gamerlogues”?
These were written by a staff writer who wanted to inject a bit of snark into the site. They’re written with tongue firmly pressed in cheek, but also manage to highlight real issues facing girl and women gamers. We’ve had a lot of feedback about the Vagina Gamerlogues since they started and most of it positive.

Is it true you were the first female gaming site podcast?
That is true. Thumb Bandits was the FIRST female gamer podcast released (regardless of what another site may have you believe). We were really proud of this fact and the Thumb Bandits podcast was a popular addition to the site. Sadly our hosts no longer had the time to keep it going. Who knows maybe it will return less regularly with the new site.

Can I write for the site?
Can you? If you want to become a staff writer contact Angela and let her know what your ideas are or what you’d like to do. You might want to include an example of your work. Because we’ve had a lot of flakes over the years who beg to be staff writers then don’t bother, please consider the life of a games writer prior to applying. It’s hard, you work to deadlines and you might get sent games that suck and HAVE to play them.

If I’m looking for something specific how do I find it?

Simple, use the search button. You can type in keywords there, or if you want to be completely specific and narrow it right down (so you get less options back) use quotations. For example if looking for a particular FIFA title, instead of typing in FIFA, type in the full name with quotations “FIFA 07” and if we have it, it will come up. Don’t be overly specific with quotes though, unless you know for sure that’s the name of the game.

What’s a “Bullet Review”?
A Bullet Review is a game review you can read in under a minute. These are the quick handy reviews that don’t go into every detail of the game, but rather give you a short summation of the title. Handy if you’re in a hurry.

How do I get an avatar in the forum and in the comments?
Easy, you need a gravatar, that’s an avatar attached to the email address you register with. Head over to the gravatar website and hook yourself up with an avatar easily.