Staff Posse

Here they are the staff….
Angela is the site founder and resident geek. She updates things, adds news, revamps, adds content and is responsible for the day to day running of the site and the original site concept.
Forum Handle: GirlyGamer

Tracy is Thumb Bandits Gadget Guru, as well as this she is also the sites Mac fangirl, bringing members all their ‘iNews’. She also writes Gadget News for the site and is part-time PR Administrator.
Forum Handle: Gadget Girl

Colin is the site backend man, ahem, he does the coding and techno bits, essentially when things go wrong on a technical level, it’s all his fault, so point and boo. Of course we wouldn’t have our nice new site without him.
Forum Handle: Collypops

Wencke is Thumb Bandits European Correspondent, as well as this she is also a site writer and reviewer. Wencke also runs european female gaming site Gamer Girls Unite.
Forum Handle: Klaptulp

Roy is Thumb Bandits hard man, he sorts out naughty people in the forums and gives them a good spanking. He’s also one of the sites original posse.
Forum Handle: hosti1e17

Xan is a sometimes reviewer / writer for Lesbian Gamers .com and she moonlights for us here at Thumb Bandits. In her spare time she loves gaming, Otalia, killing zombie hordes and long walks on the bayou.


Other Staffers come and go, but we shall never forget them, hoping perhaps one day they will return, with stories of far flung adventure!

In Gaming Memoriam of those others who came and went….

Aly was our coder extraordinaire on the original site and ran the server, rumor has it her shares in Apple kind of took off and she bought her own island.

Laura was the ying to Aly’s yang and also a fab coder and server mistress, she lives life on the edge… err.. we mean beach.

Stevie was our editor, artiste and reviewer, but he disappeared in a puff of smoke. Rumor has it he’s working with James Cameron on his latest project, given he was also a superb animator.

Eden was a reviewer, features writer and news editor, she left us after a rumble in the newshound jungle. Rumor has it she travels the globe as a secret millionaire.

Chris was a rather good features writer and original forum chatterer. Rumor has it he is busy trying to revive comedy show Punt and Dennis in which he’s cast himself as a Russian Assassin.

Sara made our site banner and is now rumored to be repainting the Sistine Chapel in digital art form, hardly surprising given her talents.

Sharon joined the TB Team back in 2005, she loved the old skool Xbox. Rumor has it she became a famous writer and lives a life of glamorous seclusion.

Ruth was our PC review, rumor has it she moved to Barbados and opened a bar.

Amanda was our graphic artist and reviewer, rumor has it she opened her own funky boutique called Hungry Designs and didn’t have time for gaming pursuits.

NOTE: Only one of the rumors above is actually true! Well, that we know of.


And as we forget no one and appreciate all contributions at Thumb Bandits over the years – on the sites previous incarnation – here is the Previous Contributors list:

Niall – Reviews Writer
Jocelyn Paradise – Reviews Writer
Danny Mormone – Reviews Writer
Leyla Yakova – Reviews Writer
Stephen King – Reviews Writer
Kent Ryder – Reviews Writer
Sarah Lean – Reviews Writer
Ronald James Gaffney – Site Sheriff
Peter Buchanan – Reviews Writer
Gary Howard – Reviews Writer
Jason Eldridge – Banner Artist
Jonothan Clark – Reviews Writer
Carole Hunter – Alien in Residence
Mallika Khuansathavoranit – Reviewer
Diana Poulsen – Reviewer

And lastly those members who were not site writers, but made great contributions on our last forums, until they were hacked and eventually killed by spammers in January 2010 -> the forums.. not the people, or that would have been gross.
Thanks to you all.

Thumb Bandits officially launched March 2004

Due to hackers ruining certain back-end features and spammers decimating our original site, in January 2010 the move was made to the site you now use. At time of the conversion our figures were:

We have 15354 members who have made 30616 posts
in total (6231 topics and 24385 replies.) in 9 forums.

Our total site hits as of January 2010 were