Site Rules

Hi guys,
as our present members are aware we’re not big on rules etc with our main one being ‘be nice’ and that’s about it. However due to various incidents that have happened over the time we’ve been live, it has been suggested we add a rules section, so here it is for you to peruse at your leisure.

New Members PLEASE take the time to read this, it’s not as long as it looks!

Be polite to your fellow forum users, remember ‘They Are People Too’.. or at least that’s what they tell us.

Don’t start a thread if a thread already exists that is going to cover the exact same topic, it’s more useful if all info is found together. Remember, we have a Search Facility for this very purpose.

ok happy spammer, take your wares elsewhere, spam will be deleted without even so much as a boo to you and you may be banned or covered in honey and put in a bee field. To us SPAM is NOT only multiple and repeated messages and links (usually sent via email). SPAM is also links directed at other sites by members who have joined only for that purpose and will never be seen again. Our admin staff is sensitive to these and they too may be deleted without so much as a boo.

New Member linkage: If you have just joined Thumb Bandits and have a link you truly feel will be of some use to our members, contact site public relations and they will help you ensure our readers know of it, please note, this usually has to be something gaming related, not some porn, webcam, drugs, casino, pharmaceutical firm or other non gaming genre. We are sick and tired of people registering with the prime purpose of posting a couple of times, usually to their own forums or similar and then disappearing, we’re not a free charity, working hard for your websites. Regular members who contribute here, can pretty much post to their hearts content (other than naughty things obviously!). Please note, this includes questionable signature content.

No L33t, Text or Dude Speak, this is punishable by death! If you’ve seen Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, you’ll know we mean business! If you can type, then you should realise you’re on a keyboard and NOT a mobile phone, Text, L33t and Dude speak is laziness at its worst, it’s not big and it’s not clever. It also does not account for people who may have trouble deciphering such gibberish.

No trolling.. how do you fit a PC under that bridge anyway? Do you plug it into a tree? Keep it for the 3 billy goats gruff we want to remain troll free. For those not in the know ‘trolling’ is posters who post merely to get a rise out of other members, either with incorrect information, or just argumentative tone. Another trolling favourite is quoting someone elses post and going through it with a fine tooth comb, to try and make another member appear foolish. The fool here is of course the troll.

No flaming… this means no bitching, and general nastiness that you know is going to single out a particular member OR making comments you know to be inflammatory in nature… ok it’s a forum, we understand this can happen accidentally and that’s fine, everyone has a different view of the world, just use your brain.

No meaness / labotomy speak… this means NO racism, sexism, anti gay, religious or political persecution etc.. This is of particular interest to Thumb Bandits due to our fairly large gay gamer membership and inclusivity clause. Religious bigotry will NOT be tolerated, this is a gaming site, if you’re anti gay, racist, sexist, this is NOT the gaming site for you, go find another. You get the picture.

No pirate speak… take your jolly roger and wave it elsewhere, our members actually SUPPORT the games industry by purchasing legit titles (check out the Warez, P2P and other copyrighted content Thread for further details). Oh, if you want to talk like a pirate yeharr mehearties, that’s entirely up to you.

We’ll work hard to update the site with lots of gaming goodies for you so be sure and check out the different areas.

We’ll work hard to ensure this site does NOT turn into popup or advertising hell!

We’ll also work hard with lovely publishers and developers to bring you some kick ass competitions.