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Setting up Press Relations….

Couldn’t be easier with Thumb Bandits. We have our own PR Gurus Tracy or Angela, they will gladly receive your emails, queries and questions and can be contacted via the email address which is shown at the top and bottom of this page.

Review Code…

We’re very lucky to have been supported thus far by some top companies who want to show support to the female gamer demographic, but as we want the site to grow and expand as time goes on this can only mean support by more companies is needed. This is not a one way exchange however because Thumb Bandits is media friendly and an amicable site to work with, our PR people ensure this is the case. At present we are accepting review code for most available formats including Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii, PC, Xbox, PS2, Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. As things stand we cannot accept debugged code, but we are on the waiting lists for debug units.

We are very interested in reviewing gaming gadgets, hardware and accessories so are happy to receive items for review or features. If you would like to add us to your code list please email our PR people with the details and they’ll get back to you as soon as they can.

We also accept media for Competitions which we run on a regular basis (when possible), again these submissions / queries can be sent to the contact email address. All media sent will get some coverage, this will generally take the form of a games Review, Preview, Special Feature, or Editorial. Games sent specifically for review will be sent to the appropriate review staff and reviewed within a timely manner.

Site Growth…

Since the launch of Thumb Bandits we’ve managed some exclusive interviews and exclusive reviews, thanks to the support we’ve been shown by most companies within the industry. We’re hoping that this growth will continue and we’re working hard to ensure that is the case. This site is about two things, Gaming (of course) and Community. We want to ensure our members have a safe, friendly place where they can discuss their love of gaming safely, whilst also gleaning lots of useful information, by way of the many facets Thumb Bandits offers, be it Reviews, Previews, Special Editorials or whatever format it may take.

Supporting Female Gaming in Australia and around the world

Our reviews were the first to include the ‘female gamer angle’ which includes additional information specifically for the female gamer (be it female characters in game or how the female contingent is portrayed). We also include information in our reviews for the deaf / hard of hearing gamer wherever possible. We’re affiliated with various other sites which means our female gamer perspective is far reaching and being read external to our site also.

Why not join us?

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