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CNET – Playstation Network nightmare might not be over

CNET – Playstation Network nightmare might not be over

I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but it would seem as if this whole Playstation fiasco is not yet over.
It would seem as though CNET has gotten wind of yet another devastating attack in the planning by the hacker group Anonymous. Apparently, this time it involves releasing the private information of some of the almost 90 Million Playstation Network users.

CNET: “An observer of the Internet Relay Chat channel used by the hackers told CNET today that a third major attack is planned this weekend against Sony’s Web site. The people involved plan to publicize all or some of the information they are able to copy from Sony’s servers, which could include customer names, credit card numbers, and addresses, according to the source. The hackers claim they currently have access to some of Sony’s servers.”

I would suggest close monitoring of financial statements to anyone that thinks their credit cards or other private information may have been compromised.

I, for one, am going to stick to Psn Giftcards in the future…..

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