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Naughty Dog do it again! Female games character Katherine Marlowe in Uncharted 3 isn’t more of the same!

Naughty Dog do it again! Female games character Katherine Marlowe in Uncharted 3 isn’t more of the same!

As you’re no doubt aware we like to cover ALL female games character news we can. We love our female games characters here at Thumb Bandits and we love them more when they don’t conform to developers type ie huge breasts, little substance. When the developers try something a little different we applaud them, and that’s what it seems Naughty Dog has done here. Meet “Uncharted 3″ villain Katherine Marlowe, voiced (and motion captured) by English actress Rosalind Ayres. Lead designer Richard Lemarchand said of Ayres: “We are extremely lucky to be working with her. She has brought an tremendous amount to this character. At Naughty Dog, we feel that a big part of the success of the Uncharted games is due to the effort that we put into our performance capture process where we work with the actors, improvising scenes with them and very often some of the best lines come straight from the actors, the things they invent while we are rehearsing with them and Ros has been fantastic in helping us in developing Marlowe’s character”. Sounds like Marlowe will be a great villain, because she’s a more cerebral villain as opposed to heavy handed. She kind of comes across in this trailer as a Peggy Mitchell type, with her Mitchell boys at her side (from UK soap “EastEnders” in which cockney Peggy Mitchell is a bit of a rough nut). Check out the awesome Katherine Marlowe reveal trailer and see what you think. Kudos to Naughty Dog, for once more thinking outside of the box.

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3 Responses to “Naughty Dog do it again! Female games character Katherine Marlowe in Uncharted 3 isn’t more of the same!”

  1. Steven says:

    You have to hand it to ND they don’t – generally speaking – conform to the negative stereotypes of women in gaming most other devs do. Elena is a fine example of how a female character should be done and I am so pleased she will return in Uncharted 3.

    ND are the thinking mans / womans developer.

  2. FairysTail says:

    She is going to kill it! The characterizations inUncharted are all so cool. Those dudes did look like Phil and Grant Mitchell.

  3. Sadisco says:

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