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The Witness by Jonathan Blow – More masterful game design

The Witness by Jonathan Blow – More masterful game design

Jonathan Blow is one of few game designers to step outside the box of conventional game design. He’s probably most famous for his time shifting title Braid, but present he’s working on a new title and that title is “The Witness” … “an exploration-puzzle game on an uninhabited island”. There’s not much known about this game at the moment, short of a cryptic poem at the games official site and some new concept art there also. It looks like this will be another mind bending title from Blow who believes there is “a need for developers to design inspiring new games using “innovative, ethical and personal art.” In The Witness it looks like you will take on the role of the sole inhabitant of a mysterious island. There’s new concepts up at the official blog, be sure and check out the last one “color key” as it looks like it may give some insight into the differing areas of the island. At this stage it’s kind of reminiscent of those old school text adventures, like The Hobbit, but with Jonathan Blow of course you can never tell what the finished product is going to be until it is.

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