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Wednesday XBLA releases: Greed Corp, Fret Nice & Lazy Raiders

Wednesday XBLA releases: Greed Corp, Fret Nice & Lazy Raiders

It’s Wednesday tomorrow and what does that means… Xbox Live releases! There will be three new games hitting the Xbox Live Arcade service and we’ve given them a quick rundown and popped them below for your perusal.

They include some real-time strategy, a new game that uses the Guitar Hero / Rock Band guitar in a different way and an action puzzle title:

  • Greed Corp. – Turn based strategy by W!Games and it’s got hexes!! Harvest, Build, Attack, Win! Sounds all too easy.
  • Fret Nice – Sounds like an interesting concept. Use your Guitar Hero or Rock Band guitar as the controller, but not like you do in music rhythm games. Cute Little Big Planet styled graphics too.
  • Lazy Raiders – Play this action / puzzle title with your Xbox Live Avatar, though to be honest, the trailers show a little mustached man in safari suit, so don’t quote us on that one. Three settings, 80 levels and allegedly over 11 hours gameplay time, not too bad.
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