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Posted by Female Gamers
Joanna Dark of Perfect Dark gaming universe – Honorary Oakley

Joanna Dark of Perfect Dark gaming universe – Honorary Oakley

Ahh December, month of mistletoe and wine, presents and large credit card bills. Last December our Honorary Oakley was none other than Mrs Santa Claus; this December though we’re taking a look at a videogame legend. Why? Because December is also the month Europe sees the release of the Xbox 360 and with it Perfect Dark Zero. That is why we’ve chosen kick ass girl super agent Joanna Dark to be our Honorary Oakley for December 2005.

Joanna Dark : A Quick Bio.

Full Name: Joanna Dark
Date of Birth: 03/18/2000
Blood Type: O
Height: 5′ 9″
Hair: Red shoulder-length hair with distinctive blonde streak.
Distinguishing Features: Star tattoo on neck (left side).
Occupation: Bounty hunter and bail enforcement agent.

You Go Girl …
Joanna Dark was born in the USA but moved to England with her parents whilst an infant. Her childhood consisted of globetrotting with her parents (Jack and Chandra Dark) as they tracked and captured various elusive criminals. Joanna Dark was trained from a young age by her parents to ensure she could take care of herself, whatever the situation. In her adult life she proves this is the case. She is essentially a bounty hunter and bail enforcement agent (as it says in her handy bio).

She’s a kick ass girl despite being a little bit of a loose cannon, with a temperament that others worry may get her into trouble (a temper that got her expelled form the only school attended, for smacking down a bully). Still this temperament and recklessness are what make her such a dangerous protagonist. She’s also a bit of a master of weaponry and melee combat, being able to utilize whole arsenals, much to the horror of her adversaries. She’s also a trained pilot and able to drive and fix most vehicles like a real pro. She’s no shrinking violet.

Action Woman…
Joanna Dark is highly competitive and she likes nothing more than adventure, be it sports she participates in or watches. She enjoys rock climbing, mountain climbing, mountain biking, grav-boarding (well she wasn’t born until 2000 remember) and Parkour (for those unaware this is the free running people do in cities that involves leaping from building to building etc). She also enjoys non-professional Death Match, and believes wholeheartedly that life is all about excitement.

As you can tell she’s competitive, but with a laid back edge. She’s not a fan of ‘suits’ and has an ingrained distrust of the ‘Hypercorporations’. She understands that some corporations are only interested in the bank balance and that this mentality is dangerous to humanity overall.

Where’d She Come From?….
Joanna Dark is a video game hero created by gaming developers ‘Rare’, a company known in the realm of gaming for trying things a little different and coming up with some of the best games ever made. You can tell they do things differently, Joanna Dark could have easily slipped into the ‘male hero’ category but Rare went with a kick ass girl hero. Yay for them.

Yes she’s sexy, what else is new, but in her original guise she was less so. The release of the Xbox 360 incarnation (Perfect Dark Zero) has meant Joanna Dark has undergone a transformation into far more of a sex kitten than she was in previous version, which, is a shame, but hardly non expected. She’s no worse than Lara Croft, other than the weird coverage given in boy mag FHM, but we won’t mention that… oops we did.

A Game Girl…
In the videogame Perfect Dark on the N64 Joanna Dark is an operative of the Carrington Institute, essentially a sort of secret service. Her sister (Velvet Dark) works there also and makes a short appearance. Due to her huge training records with the Institute whilst a recruit Agent Dark is apparently given the nickname ‘Perfect’ thus the name ‘Perfect Dark’.

Perfect Dark Zero is the latest incarnation which will see Joanna Dark step foot onto the Xbox 360 console. The game is seen as one of the best launch titles for the machine and has gamers, male and female chomping at the bit to play it. This is FPS action at its finest.

Books with stories of Joanna Dark’s adventures will also be available to purchase. The first one titled ‘Perfect Dark: Initial Vector’ by Gary Rucka is set in the year 2020 when Corporations control everything, ex–bounty hunter Joanna Dark has unwillingly seen the front lines of this war and steps up to help.

The character of Perfect Dark spans three gaming formats and has a book about her adventures, she’s about as close to a female James Bond as you’re going to get.

Get Your Game On Girl…
Joanna Dark, kick ass girl and videogame heroine, what more could we ask for? The reasons Joanna Dark has been added to the archives of the Honorary Oakley are obvious, she’s strong, independent, knows her way around a mini gun and she fights for the good guys. That is why we’ve made Rare’s character Joanna Dark our Honorary Oakley for the Month of December 2005.

Picture copyright its respective owner. Any picture appearing here you feel should not be will be removed immediately.

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