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Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure – Bullet Review

Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure – Bullet Review

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Another Bullet Review for your delectation so this will be quick and painless to get to the bones of it. Ok so Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure is essentially Tony Hawk gameplay mechanics with cutesy Disney styled levels. Graphically speaking it has everything a signature Disney title should, it’s bright, colorful and the level design isn’t too bad either. Sound has that Disney feel also and Xbox owners can utilize the soundtrack option to add your own music if this is a little too queasy for you.

If you’re a fan of the Tony Hawks Pro Skater Series you may well find yourself enjoying Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure with its non taxing style of play. All up a surprisingly good title that appears to have been overlooked by the more mature gamer with its kiddie packaging and Disney logo. Don’t be fooled though, this mature gamer has had many a happy hour playing this title.

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