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Shrek SuperSlam – Review

Shrek SuperSlam – Review We all know who Shrek is by now, or at least we should. The loveable big green ogre with that over the top Scottish accent has become a modern day hero for both adults and children alike and now it’s time for you to play along with some of the characters from the show in a Super Smash Brothers type melee...
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Shadow the Hedgehog – Review

Shadow the Hedgehog – Review As a franchise, Sonic the Hedgehog has an enduringly notable history, and with the arrival of Shadow the Hedgehog, Sega attempt to widen demographic appeal beyond the staple of kiddies while remaining true to tried and tested gameplay mechanics. With a slightly more mature plotline, the inclusion of...
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Second Sight – Review

Second Sight – Review John Vattic wakes up in a strange ‘facility’. He is badly bruised and cut, and he has no idea why he is there. But from the beginning movie, one of the guards who bring him in says that he is a “psycho killer”!! So who is John Vattic? And why is he here?? All will be revealed. And so...
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Scaler – Review

Scaler – Review Scaler is a budget game that plays like a game with a higher price tag. I’m so sick of developers putting out budget games like they’re doing the gaming population a favor, only to deliver to us a game that isn’t worth two pence never mind twenty quid! That is definitely not the case with Scaler, a...
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Sonic Gems Collection – Review

Sonic Gems Collection – Review Though it initially boasts a package of 9 titles gathered from the Sonic back-catalogue, Sonic Gems Collection flatters to deceive its willing audience. Devoted Sonic fans may well spin-roll joyously at the mere prospect of revisiting battles against evil Dr. Robotnik and Metal Sonic, or playing as some of...
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