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Zoo Keeper – Review

Zoo Keeper – Review I’m a chimp.. err.. I mean CHUMP, there, I admit it. For some strange reason I thought Zoo Keeper was a herding game similar to Herdy Gerdy, you’d get all the animals of one type and herd them into the correct fields… but it’s not, Zoo Keeper is in fact a run of the mill puzzle game. In essence you have...
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World Championship Poker – Review

World Championship Poker – Review I love poker but I suck at it generally and never have the confidence to actually play in any casinos I’ve been in… ok so I haven’t been in that many but when I was I didn’t have the guts to play. Imagine my joy then that I can now play at home with friends if I want without the embarrassment of...
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WarioWare: Touched! – Review

WarioWare: Touched! – Review The Story behind WarioWare: Touched! is a simple affair, you play one of numerous zany characters in your quest to just go one better as you work your way through various tasks (Mini Games). Gameplay could not be simpler, it is essentially a lot of mini games (as with previous Wario Ware titles on the GBA...
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The Urbz: Sims in the City – Review

The Urbz: Sims in the City – Review The Urbz is one of those games that I eagerly anticipated long before it’s release. As a huge Sims fan, learning that EA and Maxis were going to release a game which is basically ‘The Sims In The City’ with a bit of urban styling was pure joy. I actually own this game on nearly all formats now… initially on...
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True Swing Golf – Review

True Swing Golf – Review To play virtual golf games you usually control a PC mouse or a console controller. And even special golf hardware is available on the market, such as the Gametrak or the Electric Spin, to give a player a more realistic gaming experience. Nintendo’s Touch Golf Birdie Challenge on the DS also tries to offer...
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