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Shrek SuperSlam – Review

Shrek SuperSlam – Review We all know who Shrek is by now, or at least we should. The loveable big green ogre with that over the top Scottish accent has become a modern day hero for both adults and children alike and now it’s time for you to play along with some of the characters from the show in a Super Smash Brothers type melee...
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Pac-Man World 3 – Review

Pac-Man World 3 – Review In the world of videogames it’s the Pac-Man franchise’s 25-year anniversary, and in Namco’s Pac-Man World 3 it’s also the little yellow hero’s birthday. Guess how old he is. Yes, he’s 25. At the beginning of the game, we find Pac-Man about to celebrate his birthday and tuck into a scrumptious-looking cake...
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Madagascar – Review

Madagascar – Review Madagascar is an animated movie which contains perfect humour, perfect animation, excellent voice acting and a great story of course. The movie is suitable for young and old folks and it really has put a smile on my face, even when I think back to it. But as this isn’t a movie review we’re going to have a...
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Eragon – Review

Eragon – Review First of all, I’m sure many of you are already familiar with the story of Eragon, especially as it’s now a much-publicized film adaptation of the popular children’s book. In the main, it revolves around a teenage boy (Eragon) who finds a blue stone, which he soon discovers to be an actual dragon’s egg. The...
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Zoo Tycoon DS- Review

Zoo Tycoon DS- Review We all understand the gradual evolution of a videogame once it first hits retail. After a game has been released and (if) it emerges as successful, a sequel or some form of expansion pack is almost a guarantee. This happens, in the main, because of consumer desire to expand on established gaming pleasures,...
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