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Ultimate Spider-Man – Review

Ultimate Spider-Man – Review In the past, big-name Hollywood movies have often been mirrored by a separate release that follows an almost exact vein of subject matter. Most notably, in 1991 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves clashed swords with (surprise, surprise) Robin Hood, and in 1994 Kurt Russell’s Tombstone faced down Kevin Costner’s...
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True Crime New York City – Review

True Crime New York City – Review Fo Shizzle homies it’s time to review Street Crime New York City. I will firstly point out, to you my humble reader, that I am bereft of feeling when it comes to these sorts of titles, I see them as filler titles and not ‘true’ games, because any moron can throw together a 3rd person shooty shooty with...
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TimeSplitters: Future Perfect – Review

TimeSplitters: Future Perfect – Review Those cheeky time traveling thieves, the TimeSpilitters are back again. Once more trying to steal the time crystals so that they can control time, and take over the world…the universe….and everything!!!! Now if only there was someone who would follow them through time and take em down!! Ah...
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The Da Vinci Code – Review

The Da Vinci Code – Review Whatever opinion you hold of Dan Brown’s best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code, there’s no denying that it has considerable marketing power: it spawned a major Hollywood film as well as a game, both released around the same time. Movie or book-based games often leave something to be desired in...
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Taito Legends 2 – Review

Taito Legends 2 – Review Wouldn’t it be marvelous to have a time machine? Traveling to the future, taking a peek at what it holds. Or perhaps the other way around, traveling back in time to relive the past, making up for past mistakes or enjoying moments of nostalgia all over again. Regarding gaming, I would like to be transferred...
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