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Costume Quest – Review

Costume Quest – Review A Double Fine Production generally means quality and something a little quirky. That is definitely the case with their new XBLA / PSN cutesy role-playing title “Costume Quest. In Costume Quest you play the role of a twin brother or sister (your choice, thank you Double Fine for NOT assuming the players...
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Shadow Complex – Review

Shadow Complex – Review It’s not often an Xbox Live Arcade game is released that garners such huge acclaim that it could probably have made it as a stand alone release. Enter Shadow Complex, a new platform-adventure title developed by Chair Entertainment. Shadow Complex also has an interesting level of quandary to if for those...
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A Kingdom for Keflings – Review

A Kingdom for Keflings – Review It’s not often we review XBLA titles here at Thumb Bandits, mainly because we don’t get them sent out for review and people are generally more interested in the big hitting premium release titles. So why does a Kingdom for Keflings get a full written review based purely on a personal purchase?...
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Alien Hominid – Review

Alien Hominid – Review What a story! The niche web game comes good in the age of EA monopolies. Alien Hominid originally appeared free to PC users on the website in the form of one of those highly addictive flash games we all know and love. But several hundred thousand hits down the line Hominid has crash landed...
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Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords – Review

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords – Review Undoubtedly many gamers won’t keep themselves restricted to a certain game genre and will always try to expand their interest towards all types of games. Certainly you’ve got preferences and in my case Puzzle and Role Playing Games are on top of my “game genre list”. When Puzzle...
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