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FemShep winner the new face of Mass Effect 3 – Big fat FAIL

FemShep winner the new face of Mass Effect 3 – Big fat FAIL

Thanks to our sister-site Lesbian Gamers we’ve got a look at one female gamers thoughts on the winner of the FemShep (Female Commander Shepard) competition that BioWare recently ran. The winner has caused quite a polarizing response with a lot of (mostly male) gamers loving the choice because she’s “sexy”, “blonds have more fun” and “my penis voted”, other gamers (male and female) seem to have had a severely adverse response to the winning FemShep. I have to say I’m with the latter bunch, I don’t like her. I think this is a massive FAIL on BioWare’s behalf and it seems completely at odds with what we’ve come to expect from the developer. All the choices were lackluster and seemingly a lot younger than the standardized Female Commander Shepard (FemShep) we’ve come to see and love.

female commander shepard femshep contest choices - bland

Why BioWare didn’t just use the standard FemShep in the videos and boxart is beyond fathoming. Anyway, let’s get on with that article shall we, thanks to The LG.

The New FemShep – Female Commander Shepard FAIL

Let me preface this piece by saying I love BioWare, they are one of my favorite developers and I support them by buying their games and even their merchandise and have done so for many years. I’m upset with the FemShep debacle however. Firstly it being touted as a ‘beauty contest’ (by some) demeans what the female Commander Shepard (FemShep) is all about, it belittles her as nothing but an object of beauty, a woman to be judged on her appearance rather than action and that angers me. Somehow this “vote for your preferred FemShep” thing went from “cool they’re finally using FemShep on some marketing” to “oh shit FemShep was voted on and now she’s a blond bimbo”. I don’t understand why BioWare put it to the vote. I don’t understand why BioWare didn’t take control and make a decision to make the marketing material feature the base model FemShep, with her bobbed hair and non-pouty lips.

mass effect commander shepard female femshep

FemShep too young to command

Turning FemShep into this young looking blond Samus Aran type just irks and it irks a lot. This isn’t a ‘lesbian thing’, though I’m sure there will be those closed minded fools who assume as a lesbian of course I would prefer the short-haired ‘more-masculine’ Shep. To them I say give me a break, I just prefer the female Shepard who looks like you’d listen to her if the galaxy were in peril and frankly if some jumped up 18 year old blond pouting kid needed me on the front lines, I’d be questioning things big time.

Standard female Commander Shepard looks better

The standard female Shepard looks like she can tote a gun, she looks like she’s a leader and most importantly she looks severe and old enough to have lived through battle. The new FemShep we’re now stuck with for marketing and merchandise just doesn’t cut it. I was so excited to purchase a “Mass Effect” game with female Shepard I’ve ranted it to all my gamer friends, now I’ll be buying the male version because frankly I just can’t take blonde kiddy Shep seriously.

mass effect femshep standard female commander shepard

FemShep Beauty Contest poor form

I realize the result of this ‘beauty contest’ was never going to please everyone, after all, we all have our own FemShep versions and the chance of seeing your exact version on packaging or as an action-figure was never going to happen, but COME ON BIOWARE SERIOUSLY!!!!!!! Shepard number 5 is bland, bland, bland, bland and worse than bland, she panders to an audience that don’t and possibly never will ‘get’ what FemShep is all about. Thanks for that Bioware, thanks for placing the decision of iconic female battle icon in the realm of what statistics suggest is the mostly male voting audience. To those male gamers who voted for a different FemShep, thank you, clearly all our votes just didn’t amount to enough, but then that’s hardly surprising with the “Gentlemen prefer blonds” doing the rounds on the various male run gaming sites presently. It just makes me want to shed a tear because it feels like gaming has once more taken one step forward, two steps back.

Oh and for the record, none of the choices were that great.

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4 Responses to “FemShep winner the new face of Mass Effect 3 – Big fat FAIL”

  1. Jessie says:

    Big fat fail, funny. Me an my brother are at war about this. He loves her, says he likes her coz of her blonde hair because blonde chicks are hot. I said come on she doesn’t look like a commander and he was all like “so?” “so?”. I guess that tells you how boys feel about this “so?” All that matters is that she looks like something they can fantasise over.

    LAMO that biowares did this.

  2. Kevin says:

    Thought you gals might like to know I was reading an article this morning about this subject and the first commenter (gal gamer) had so many dislikes of her comment it was closed and needed a click through to read. Wondering what could be so bad and curiosity with me firmly it his grasp I clicked.

    So what was so awful the majority of the other readers had disliked her comment for, a balanced opinion. Here is the gal gamers comment:

    This upsets me very much! Why couldn’t original FemShep from games 1 and 2 been the model for the art work? To me she is the real Shepard not this Barbie looking chick. She looks like she is too worried about her hair and nails than saving the galaxy. Why did Bioware have to start from scratch to make FemShep? They didn’t do that when they made the art work of MaleShep why are they discriminating? People like me that have been with the game since day one want to see the same FemShep as they played in the game instead of this new FemShep! What’s next they are going to get rid of original FemShep in the game and you can only play this one?! **** no!! They will lose a customer if they do that!

    I am not linking to the website because frankly the other comments were fairly substandard and why give them a better rating by linking.

    As a male gamer I can say I agree with this article which tends to suggest it is new FemShep’s age that is the real issue and thoroughly agree. Blonde bimbo issues aside, this new female Shepard is far too young to be taken seriously and that is both a surprise from bioware and a disappointment.

  3. Armor says:

    The male Shepard we see in videos, in artworks in not the standard character in the game. So Bioware did the same thing for female Shepard, making brand new artworks.

    I do concur however that the one chosen appears very young, but then all of the options look young. I can see why that would be annoying, mainly because it makes little sense in the overall ethos that is Mass Effect and the character of Commander Shepard.

  4. johnnyrevz says:

    Ummmmm…. People are up in arms over not liking a default character’s appearance in a game where you have the option to fully customize said character’s appearance?
    Don’t like her, change her.
    And if you are so outraged over it, do not buy it.