Posted by Female Gamers on Jul 21, 2011
FemShep finally gets her day as female Commander Shepard promo stuff inbound

FemShep finally gets her day as female Commander Shepard promo stuff inbound

Well this is interesting. BioWare’s marketing director David Silverman has been chatting to VG247 and there’s a few bits within we thought you’d like to know about. First up comes word that 18% of gamers choose female Shepard, I actually thought that would be higher for a few reasons. Next up only 13% of players choose the default character and dive straight in. Most interesting though comes news that FemShep will be making her “first official public appearance in marketing materials”, including on the packaging! Nice one BioWare, about time. This is something we’ve mentioned at Lesbian Gamers before, that all the trailers feature male Shepard, all the action figures, statues etc also feature male Shepard (see bottom of this news for linkage). It’s cool that BioWare are finally doing this and recognizing the awesomeness that is female Commander Shepard aka FemShep (voiced by Jennifer Hale).

So why no FemShep love in previous marketing materials? Silverman blames ‘consistency’ for the lack of female Shepard stating: “When creating a rich sci-fi epic like Mass Effect, you need to keep a certain level of consistency so people unfamiliar with the property can clearly identify who the hero is that they get to become”. Fair enough… to a degree.

Kudos to VG247 for looking at – as they put it – “the OTHER Commander Shepard”. I didn’t want to just do a cut and paste of all the good points, because frankly this sort of coverage deserves a link and for you to read it in its original entirety.

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