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HedKandi headphones for gaming – Peripheral Hardware Review

HedKandi headphones for gaming – Peripheral Hardware Review

The people at HedKandi wanted us to take a look at their headphones range. We took a peek at two types of headphones from the company, including the Ministry of Sound over-ear headphones and the smaller Kandies in-ear headphones. As far as playing videogames with headphones in, it’s a great way to get your game on without bugging anyone else in the vicinity. There are a multitude of gaming headphones available, though HedKandi are yet to actually release headphones that are specifically within the video gaming genre.

Hedkandi Kandis in-ear headphones for gaming…
Of the two sets we were sent, the Hedkandi Kandies would be the headphones (earphones) we would use for portable gaming and for the price point (around 7UKP) they’re not too bad, with good clarity and connector. These are low end earphones though and feature no noise reduction or other glitzy options available with other makes.

Tech Specs:
Driver Size: 13mm
Frequency Response: 12-20,000Hz
Impedence: 160hms
Sensitivity: 103dB
Max input power: 50mW
Cable Length: 1.3m

Hedkandi Ministry of Sound headphones
Let’s say this right of the bat, the hedkandi Ministry of Sound headphones are essentially the hedkandi discotheque headphones with a nice Ministry of Sound logo on them. Technically speaking you’re looking at padded over-ear headphones in a few different colors.

Let’s think about these from a videogaming perspective. As mentioned hedkandi don’t do specific gaming earphones / headphones because they are essentially a music company, pushing Hed Kandi dance music. Having said that, for the price bracket these aren’t that bad for gaming, the only downside we had was cable length, which comes in at only 1.5m, nowhere near long enough for you to couch sit whilst playing.

Here’s the tech specs:
Driver diameter: 40mm
frequency response: 20-20,000Hz
impedence: 32 Ohms
sensitivity: 108 dB
max input power: 100 mW
cable length: 1.5m

At around 18UKP the hedkandi discotheque / Ministry of Sound headphones are pretty good, but for the gamer there are better headphones on the market. The main downside of larger gaming regular headsets is of course the lack of USB connectivity for the PC gamer and of course the hedkandi headphones feature no built in mic for in-game chat. If it’s just purely a listening experience you’re after, both of these headphones will do the job, with clarity being pretty good as entry level peripherals. For the hardcore gamer though hedkandi is more suited to the music fan than the video gamer.

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  1. Bianca says:

    Are these headphones expensive? And where can you get them in Australia? Gr8 review. Keep it up!

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