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E3 2011 Sony press conference live blog

E3 2011 Sony press conference live blog

After putting on 3D specs and watching a brief intro video displaying the PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Move, PlayStation Vita (minus the Vita) and a multitude of games, things finally get underway. Jack Tretton takes to the stage and comments on how busy it is and thanks everyone for joining them. Talks about the PlayStation Network outage and makes a joke, but seems fairly humbled by the event overall and thanks the third party partners and retailers. Consumers “are the lifeblood of the company” and he apologizes for any anxiety it caused. Wow.. hold up.. Sony are owning something.. this must be a first surely? He talks up the PSN and how they’re adding CinemaNow later in the year.

Beauty, perfection and the power of the PlayStation… it’s time for some “Uncharted”. Co-presidents of Naughty Dog Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra. take to the stage to show us “Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception”. Rather than me talking you through it, check it out below. It seems both Nathan and Lara find themselves in similar circumstance at one point (again).

Wow, pretty neat right? Those set pieces, can’t beat them. June 28 multiplayer beta begins. Then a full 3D trailer is shown (below in none 3D for you). Yes people that was Chloe and Elena wasn’t it. YES!!! The date: 11.1.11 that’s November 1st 2011 for non US folk who didn’t already know that. Can’t wait.

Insomniac Games is next up with Marcus Smith, talking “Resistance 3”. Things are grim in game, given the chimera have essentially won. The game is in 3D and the demo ensues. It “takes advantage of PlayStation Move” and there’s a “Resistance 3” pack for the Move.

Tretton announces “God of War: Origins Collection”, it will be remastered in 3D HD. Also “ICO” which is amazing. Both launch September and will both be playable in 3D.

A PlayStation branded 3D display. Allows two players to see two different screens, without the use of Splitscreen! It will be available this holiday season along with a pair of PlayStation 3D glasses ($69.99 each), a 6′ HDMI cable, and a copy of “Resistance 3” all for $499.99.

PlayStation Move time, talking about what a success it’s been. Mine is gathering dust, so I’ll not go into that. 2K Sports hit the stage to talk NBA. NBA2K12 will support PlayStation Move ‘NBA on the Move’. Seems pointless to me, but hey, you might like it. Time for a celebrity endorsement, Kobe Bryant takes to the stage. I love how he refers to the PlayStation Move as “the remote” classic. NBA2K12 releases October 4.

Next up time for something new: “Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest”, a new PlayStation Move title. A fantasy-action game that has “a very unique set of moves”. Another 3D title. The bow and arrow works with one controller, which seems odd. Graphics look a little like “Death Jr.” or “Grabbed by the Ghoulies”. Check it out below if you can cope with the dev saying “Jeremy” over and over again. It releases in the fall.

Jack Tretton is back again reeling off loads of games in the catalogue. Trailer for “inFAMOUS 2” plays. Check it below. A couple of female characters which is cool. It launches tomorrow in the US. In the fall new PlayStation Move additions will become available.

Tretton talks “Little Big Planet 2” and PlayStation Move update. They’re really plugging the Move at this E3, can’t say I’ve used mine since I purchased it. Next up it’s a trailer for “Starhawk”. This is a sort of space western, which is interesting… but overall I thought meh.

Tretton talks up “Sly Cooper”, then it’s time for a rather stylish trailer. “Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time” coming 2012.

CEO of CCP Hilmar Petursson takes to the stage to talk up “Dust 514”, I just love listening to him because he’s from Iceland. “Dust 514” will feature Move support and it will link into the “EVE Online” universe. Trailer plays. Closed beta for “Dust 514” will be at the end of the year.

More Tretton, the dude is on fire today. Now it’s time for “BioShock: Infinite” featuring what seems to be a damsel in distress situation, ho hum and I was looking forward to this game almost more than anything else.

Ken Levine from Irrational Games is on stage after the “BioShock Infinite” trailer. He talks some “uncharitable” things he may have said about the PlayStation Move. Of course he came around to the idea of how the Move would work with “BioShock: Infinite” and there will be Move support. A pet project of Irrational Games is a PlayStation Portable game, handheld “BioShock” sweet.

Tratton is back to talk about the PlayStation Move. The PS3 version of “BioShock Infinite” will have the original “BioShock” on the same blu-ray disc. “Saints Row 3” will feature Move support. A new “Star Trek” game will feature PlayStation Move support and there will be a peripheral device based on the Star Trek phaser, gotta love that. Trailer below.

Tretton again, 3 exclusive titles with extras for PS3 owners only (I hate this exclusive add-on crap!). First there’s “SSX” featuring an exclusive level on mount Fuji, next up “Need for Speed: The Run” will feature seven additional cars for the game. Bit lame for non PS3 owners. “Battlefield 3” will also come with “Battlefield 1943” bundled on the disc.

President and group CEO Kaz Hirai takes to the stage as charismatic as ever. He talks Sony’s 10 year business plan. He talks about consumer loyalty after the PSN issues, saying they’ve been humbled and overwhelmed by the support of their customers. He talks up the network experience and how important it is for the mobile platform.

PlayStation Suite will bring PlayStation content to Android smartphones and tablets. More info on PlayStation Suite in the near future. Now it’s time for some NGP goodness, The official title – as rumored – is the PlayStation Vita (vita meaning life). Dual thumbtacks, two cameras OLED screen and I quote an “augmented reality experience”. He talks it up a bit too much, come on Kaz, we’ve seen most of this before in some form, he talks it up like they invented it all. There will be wifi and 3G wifi models. They’re partnering with AT&T as the exclusive carrier (US) and the crowd don’t seem to take too well to that announcement.

PlayStation Vita “Party” can see users voice-chat live with the built in mic or headset. Social connection tool “near” is a friends list essentially. More specifics unveiled “in the near future”.

Time for Scott Rohde to take to the stage. He talks it up like it’s the god of all handheld gaming devices. A brief demo of “Uncharted: Golden Abyss” is introduced by two of the devs. “Uncharted: Golden Abyss” on the PlayStation Vita looks amazing. I had zero interest in the PlayStation Vita prior to seeing this trailer, but then I am a HUGE fan of the “Uncharted” franchise, so placing it on the PlayStation Vita was a smart move by Sony. The multi-control system is great, with touchscreen or regular controls available to the player is a sweet addition.

More chat about the PlayStation Vita follows and it’s onto a game called “Ruin”. An action-based role-playing game. The most amusing part of this section is just how out of breath the dev is whilst talking about the game… poor thing, I guess he rushed to the stage. “Ruin” links seamlessly to the PS3 also, which makes it slightly more interesting using ‘cloud’.

Next up it’s Mod Nation Racers on PlayStation Vita. A quick demo of how the track editor works is impressive.

Scott Rohde from Sony is back on stage to talk up the PlayStation Vita. Time for some “Little Big Planet” on the PlayStation Vita. This is some more good stuff right here. Needless to say, given the PlayStation Vita’s rear and front touch and controls, there’s loads of ways to play.

Capcom are doing “Street Fighter” and “Tekken”, yeah you read it right people. “Street Fighter X Tekken”, we heard about this a little while ago, but this is some updated stuff about the PlayStation Vita version of “Streetfighter X Tekken”. The character Cole from “inFAMOUS” will also feature in the game. A ‘realtime’ demo follows.

Rohde returns saying there are more than 80 titles in development for the PlayStation Vita and a video is shown of upcoming content.

Now an announcement from Kaz Hirai (who doesn’t love this guy). The Sony PlayStation Vita is out this holiday season at a cost of 29,980 Yen (including tax), $299, and euro 299 for the 3G version. A cheaper Wi-Fi-only edition will cost 24,980 Yen (including tax), $249, and euro 249.

Jack Tretton SCEA does his spiel to cap things off, followed by a closing movie of what to expect from PlayStation, all set to drummers with giant drums.. err.. drumming and a DJ playing some ‘music’, That’s all folks.

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