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E3 2011 EA press conference live blog

E3 2011 EA press conference live blog

Welcome to your Thumb Bandits EA E3 2011 Press Conference coverage, I’ll try and leave out all the crap and get to the goods: A trailer starts with what looks like “Cloverfield”, this turns out to be “Mass Effect: 3”, one of the most highly anticipated games of the year (now come on, I know I’m not alone here). Casey Hudson takes to the stage. March 6, 2012 is the date for your diary. Time for a demo. Looks amazing as expected and a gameplay trailer “Fall of Earth” is shown.

Time to look at a few new games, after a plug for, EA’s new hub of the universe, then it’s “Need for Speed: The Run” from Blackbox. A race from San Francisco to New York. The big news here is the on-foot sections, yes, you get out of the car. The character is male, so it will be interesting to see if they include a female option in the end game.

Next up the long awaited “Star Wars” game “Star Wars: The Old Republic”. Again you get to “choose your side” and it looks amazing and includes some kick ass female characters. There’s not much else to say KOTOR is always a hit, check out the trailer shown below.

Next up it’s time for some snowboarding in the form of “SSX” which releases January 2012. Again, not much to say, other than I’m really looking forward to this one, in the hopes it recaptures some of that “SSX: Tricky” gameplay I’ve missed.

Lots of spiel about “FIFA” before a look at “FIFA 12” and a promo video featuring lots of actual footballers, who apparently learn more about the actual game through playing the “FIFA” videogame… doubtful. FIFA Football Club connects to all the FIFA games you might be playing (on whatever format) and brings them all together in FIFA Football Club, nice idea. There’s also some real world game updates week by week, nice.

From “FIFA 12” to the NFL, it’s time for some “Madden NFL 12” and some real life NFL heroes, so much for not rolling out the celebrities. EA Sports do bring it with these franchises, so there’s really not much else to say other than “Madden 12” releases August 30 and it’s on my purchase list (as it has been every year since the dawn of time).

Next up “The Sims Social”, a social Facebook game you play with your friends…. literally. Pretty cool idea and a nice one for Sims addicts. Prior to this trailer there was a dig at “Farmville”, seriously, the gaming bitchery just never ends does it, concentrate on making good games people, rather than worrying about what other people are doing.

Curt Schilling takes to the stage to talk “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning”, a trailer follows and it looks very nice indeed.

Time for some Insomniac as Ted Price takes to the stage. Their new multi-platform franchise means they’re coming to Xbox with “Overstrike”.The awesome thing about this is 2 of the four characters are female in the Overstrke 9 team. Naya Deveraux who is a little like Kate Archer, which is awesome and there’s Isabelle St Clair, who bares more than a little resemblance to Claudia from “Warehouse 13”. This looks like a great game and bravo for breaking the one in four female character rule Insomniac. This has been duly added to my must buy list, love Insomniac and this looks sweet.

Time for a “Battlefield 3” trailer followed by some more spiel. Powered by “Frostbyte 2” it does indeed look amazing. The Multi-platform beta kicks off in September. The tank gameplay footage goes on for way too long and kind of brings the EA conference to a close in boring fashion which is a shame. Release date is October 25.

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  1. radha says:

    Just wanted to say your coverage of e3 deserves a comment, it was the best I’ve seen, so well done to whoever threw it together. Too many gaming sites were talking a lot of crap, rather than just talking about the games and linking to trailers and stuff.

  2. SWTOR is gonna rock! Beta is soon, and pre-order is already out!

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