Posted by Sami P on May 18, 2011
Final Fantasy iOS game review

Final Fantasy iOS game review

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Recently, I had the chance to play the iOS remake of the original wildly popular Final Fantasy game. It was this game that led to an epic series of Final Fantasy games, numbering in the dozens (not to mention the countless spin-offs), and spanning several generations of consoles. This is the game that all of the older generations of gamers talk about, it was something that I had never experienced for myself.

So, I set out to see what all the hype was about.

Gameplay + Combat

Final Fantasy, as I said before, is the root to all of the other Final Fantasy games that have been made. It was the base concepts of this game that were built on. That being said, it stands pretty well on it’s own. The combat is built on a turned based system. Each character has the options of Attacking, Using an Item, Magic, Defending, or Fleeing. While it works rather well, it does have it’s downsides. For example, it gets really frustrating when, in the higher level dungeons, the enemies somehow almost always get to attack first. This minor inconvenience can be a problem in two ways. The first is when you have 9 enemies facing you. Each one gets to attack you before you even get the chance to do anything. The other way this is a problem is when your facing very strong enemies where every hit counts. It starts you off with the underhand in the battle.

As you may have noticed, many iOS games suffer from terrible control schemes due probably to a lack of physical buttons on iOS devices. This has ruined countless games for me, as I’m so used to physical buttons on my consoles and my PC. This being said, I’m glad to say that Final Fantasy has overcome many of the control issues that plague many modern iOS games. The virtual joy sticks are both smooth and responsive, and that’s more than I could ever ask for.

While not anything particularly revolutionary, the in-game graphics are impressive. While staying true to the original, they look vibrant and colorful on the IPhones Retina Display. I only wish that there were some form of cut screens to further the immerse you into the story, which brings us to my next point.

The Final Fantasy game series is well know for it’s intricate, long, and sometimes outright painfully confusing story lines. In this aspect, Final Fantasy succeeds. It tells the tale of mysterious travelers who are foretold by ancient prophecies to save the world from impeding doom (Yea, because we have never seen THAT story before). While not being necessarily original, the story is well told is full of turns and twists.

In conclusion, this is one game I would highly suggest for any RPG fans that own an IPhone, IPod, or IPad. Its a full, entertaining experience, the likes of which you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere on the App Store. It’s a great game for the price, and a classic to boot.

– Sami

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