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Fable 3 – Full written game review

Fable 3 – Full written game review

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Fable 3 developed by Lionhead Studios originally released only for the Xbox 360, and then for PC in 2011, is an action/role playing game that I feel everyone should have a go at. Whether you want romance and babies; communicable diseases and clever innuendo; intrigue; kicking defenseless chickens to death; or you just want to kill monsters and characters that get in your way, Fable 3 has something to offer you. The game gives you the option of playing as a male or a female character. Both genders serve the same purpose, however for this review I will focus on the female character, keeping in mind that there is no difference except for the appearance of the character and minor characters making reference to your gender when marking your status within the kingdom.

The central female character does not conform to modern stereotype of the female figure; she is a statuesque brunette, and not particularly beautiful. As you gain power and experience in the game your height and weight increases, leaving you to be an amazon of a woman, though obesity is not an issue. To become a truly successful hero, your height and weight are monitored in your in-game menu. As you gain weight and height your hero status improves, which is wonderful for women because there does not appear to be any of the subliminal messaging, within the storyline, about body imaging that you see in so many other games that include female characters.

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Basic storyline of Fable 3: You begin by choosing whether you will be a prince or a princess, once you have chosen this you are to begin the inevitable cut scenes that describe the games setting and prepare the player for the story to begin. In Fable 3 your story begins with you discovering that the country is in revolt against your brother, who has gone mad with power. After he makes you choose between the lives of your countrymen or the love of your life, you are forced to escape the castle with two trusted companions Walter Beck and Jasper (voiced by John Cleese!!!). Throughout most of your journey these two characters assist you in various ways, by gaining you access to various communities and supplying you with items and advice to help you in your various quests. But I digress from telling you that the main point is to travel the country to find and obtain the help of various rebel cells and communities to help overthrow the tyrant, your brother. In doing this you must pledge various favours to these communities, in the event that they should join you and help you successfully overthrow your brother.

Now I won’t ruin any more of the storyline, but I will go on to tell you that amidst this massive quest there are over one hundred minor quests to complete that award you guild seals that help you on the “Road to Rule”. The Road to Rule is a separate part of the storyline which maps your progress as a hero/heroine and allows you to upgrade your perks as a warrior.

While the main quest takes only a few hours (it took me roughly 5 hours each time) of gameplay, the offshoots of the main story and the smaller quests that you pick up along the way turn Fable 3 into endless hours of fun and challenges. If you want to contract STD’s from prostitutes, either male or female, these working people have no qualms about your gender, your marriage status, whether you are already infected with a communicable disease or your stature in life, they are more than happy to service your needs. Marriage is not an essential part of the game, but it is an amusing pastime, especially if you intend on gaining a few extra points for your gamer card. One of the achievements that you can complete on your quest is to marry at least 6 characters, and then kill 2 of them. There are many Xbox live achievements to complete, and every time a new downloadable content pack becomes available, more achievements appear. For those out there who play the game and attempt to obtain all of the live achievements, be warned that it is no easy feat to do so, and it will take a lot of time in single player and co-op missions.

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There is a lot of downloadable content, both free and pre-paid that you can obtain for Fable 3. Quest packs, weaponry and various items for use within the game can be downloaded from within the game or from the DLC menu on the Xbox live dashboard. Fable 3’s in game menu (known as ‘The Sanctuary’, where Jasper, your butler, lives and communicates with you) allows you to view all relevant data for the game, including your progress on quests, comparative data from your friends’ games, and what DLC you have downloaded. There are free DLC packs available that provide you with the files to join the co-op games of other players who have already obtained the quest packs. In saying that, downloading the free items does not allow you to make us of the quest packs in your own game without paying for them.

Throughout the whole game, whether you are a prince or a princess, all characters, and their treatment of you is gender neutral. Both male and female characters complete the same quests, meet the same people, and are treated with fear and respect by all of the subjects, though this does not mean that your subjects automatically like you, for your subjects to like you, you are required to interact with them personally and complete tasks and quests for these people.

In summary, I feel that Fable 3 is a wonderful game suited to anyone, over the age of 16, who enjoys challenging quests, a good joke, and a great storyline. The game is not sexist, nor does it seem to be aimed at any particular gender. There is romance and wild and violent creatures for all, as well as a whole lot of innuendo, and bad jokes for everyone to enjoy. So if you own an Xbox 360 or a PC I would recommend you give Fable 3 a chance, it might just be the boredom buster you have been looking for.

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