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Bulletstorm – full written review

Bulletstorm – full written review

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Epic Games and People Can Fly are fanning the flames of our “Gears of War 3” wait with their new title “Bullestorm” and I’m here to give you the lowdown.

You play as Grayson Hunt, a big butch bohunk of a guy who is sort of an anti-hero, oh and he bears more than a little bit of a resemblance to Wolverine. I’ll be purposely vague about the story, because it’s quite good and I wouldn’t wish to spoil it. Suffice to say you are fighting a cause, with your buddy after being betrayed big style by evil dude number uno. The usual thing for this sort of game, though the story is good, it’s not going to break the boundaries of what this type of game generally does.

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So how bout that gameplay?
Bulletstorm feels like a “Gears of War” game, third person. macho, gung-ho action title, but it feels a little less dark, more like an arcade romp. Why this is may well be down to the game mechanics, which enable you to do combo kills and gain points for doing so, rather than just outright kills (though these are possible also obviously).

Bulletstorm feels fluid enough, tight controls, nothing too taxing and its fun to play. On that note, I hear two friends playing it suffered some fairly substantial motion sickness. They inform me they were only able to play for an hour or so before needing to turn it off. I didn’t overly have the issue, but I thought it worth mentioning given the chance of two out of three people in my circle of friends becoming ill seems a pretty high ratio.

There are various modes available to you in Bulletstorm, though the reasonably compelling story mode is probably where you’re going to spend your time. This is cool, though I should probably mention there didn’t seem to be any cover mode like there is in “Gears of War”, which at times left me getting my ass kicked and was thus frustrating as hell (note to self, play on an easier difficulty perhaps). The weapons in Bulletstorm are clever and linked with the skillshot system, really add to what might otherwise be just another projectile laden frag fest.

What about the girls
Bulletstorm features the female character of Trishka, she’s a total hard ass with a mouth like a sewer. From memory her first words to Grayson and Sato are something akin to “I’ll shoot your dicks off”… nice. I’m not personally sure why the developers had her saying this and I recalled a lesbian gamers Twitter conversation I saw a few weeks ago wherein one of the devs stated: “@lesbiangamers 🙂 When Gray meets Trishka for the first time… I won’t spoil anything, I’d be very surprised if you didn’t like it. Cheers.”

I’m not sure what the dev was talking about, since, as I just stated, that first meeting has Trishka saying the shooting dicks off thing? Seems strange and hopefully wasn’t a case of said dev playing the ‘lesbians hate men’ card, so lesbians would obviously enjoy that little repartee? I didn’t, I found it overdone and vulgar. I asked Lesbian Gamers admin about the conversation and she said she didn’t know what was meant, stating only that it was a short and pleasant conversation, so let’s leave it at that.

Now back to the female content, I was glad they added in the female element, though I think it would have been better had Sato, the sidekick been a woman, no feeling of contrivance, just two marine buddies kicking ass together. There is a twist in the story involving Trishka, but obviously I can’t cover that here.

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Overall Bulletstorm is a lot of fun, though far from perfect. It almost feels like the developers made an amazing title, but then started adding bits that bring the overall central idea down. The skillshot system is a sweet idea and it works really well within the game, the controls are solid and the characters what you would expect. There’s nothing overly serious here, the characters are over the top parodies, the story is driven by yet more over the top design, with quick time moments splattered throughout, sometimes slowing the overall flow of the action. If you like Gears of War, or titles akin to that, and you’re not a huge sufferer of the dreaded video game motion sickness, grab a copy of Bulletstorm, you’re going to enjoy the cheesy action, insane weaponry and those wicked skillshots.

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  1. Jordan says:

    Hello just saying thanks for your reviews. I like how you guys cover the female gamer stuff like you do. I know a lot of male gamers are probably like ‘why’, but its really important to me that a game doesn’t talk down to me as a woman. If I’m paying 100 bucks for a game I think it should treat me just as fairly as the player as it does the male gamer.

    Anyway I waffled. Just wanted to say thanks.

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