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Best iPhone Apps as of January 2010 – Article

Best iPhone Apps as of January 2010 – Article

A lot of us gamers have iPhones, heck, a lot of non gamers have iPhones, but with a gazillion apps in the app store, we don’t have time to go through them all, so here for you my gaming chums is a little rundown of some of the apps you should have on your phone.

For the Tweeters
There are loads of Twitter Apps on the iPhone, but we’ve narrowed down your choices somewhat right here.

Tweetie 2
Tweetie 2 has seen some changes and it’s now rated by many as one of the best Twitter Apps available. Tweetie 2 handles multiple accounts, allegedly translates foreign Tweets and links your contacts with Twitter (if you want that). It’s $3.99 (AUD)

Twitterlator Pro
Twitterlator Pro isn’t cheap at $5.99 (AUD) but it’s got everything the regular Twitter user is going to need, including video / audio tweeting, friends lists, locational tweeting, multiple accounts and more.

For the Fitness Freaks
Yes there are a ton of fitness Apps in the AppStore and here are a couple of the best.

Fitness freaks this one’s for you. RunKeeper tracks your jogging using the GPS. Not only does it keep track of your running distance, it will also calculate calories burned and various other fitness guff. There’s a free version and the pro version is $12.99 (AUD).

For the Geeks
I’m one and chances are if you hang out on a gaming site you’re one too. Geeks Unite! Here are some of the best geek Apps on the AppStore.

Dynamic Dice
Tabletop RPG fans looking for a nicely animated dice roller can try Dynamic Dice (1.19 AUD). Other choices for dice rollers lay in D20 Dice and Dice Bag. Though there really is nothing like actually rolling real dice.

Okay so this is really just a flashy RSS feed, but heck if you want to keep up with your scifi news when you’re out and about, this is pretty darn cool and updated all week. FREE

Word Games
There are loads of word games on the iPhone, but some of the first to appear are still the best. Be sure and check these out.

It’s chickens, with letters on their eggs and you rearrange them into words to fill in blanks spaces. This is cute and a lot of fun, if you haven’t tried it, grab the lite version. It’s $2.49 (AUD) if you want the full version.

Drago your finger across letters randomley generated on a grid to make words. The more words you make the more points you get. The bigger the words, the more points you get. $2.49 (AUD)

How’s the Weather
Okay so there are loads of serious weather Apps in the App Store, there are also some fun weather Apps, sure weather can be fun.

Zombie Weatherman
At $2.49 this is a bit steep for a weather App given the iPhone comes with one installed, but hey it’s got zombies in it! Your zombie weatherman groans and bleeds when you poke him, as well as showing the weather.

For Aussie iPhone users the BOMRadar is a great little app that shows you incoming storms and other information. It’s fairly cheap at $1.19 (AUD).

Games Games Games
They’re what we’re here for, but rather than listing them separately I’ll just splurge them all out one after the other because there are so many.

Papertoss – Flick the paper ball into the bin
Skee-Ball – Throw the ball, score points, retrotastic
Jet Car Stunts – It’s a stunt car app what more do you need to know
FlightControl – Planes planes planes
Harbor Master – Boats Boats Boats
Peggle – Addictive and great music
StoneLoops! – PuzzLoop essentially
AirportMania – Don’t crash them!
MiniGore – Mmmm fuzzy monsters
ZombieVille – Mmmmm Brains
DoodleJump – Simple accelerometer title, but addictive as heck
RockBand – That RockBand, only with a lot less songs.
Sally’s Spa – One for the time management nuts
Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor – Because it’s so darn clever
Orbital – There’s a lite version, go get it!
Ranch Rush – Another one for the time management, this time on a farm

Handy Apps
Shazam – It’s like magic, hold your phone to the song you’re hearing and it will tell you what it is. Handy for those “who the heck sings this?” moments.

Wikipanion – It’s Wikipedia in your pocket, easier than going via Safari to get there.

PandoraBox – Tells you what Apps are on sale or going for free

I hope you’ve enjoyed a look at some of the best Apps available in the App Store as of the start of 2010. I’m sure we’ll do another article as an update a little later in the year with even more great Apps, particularly given the rumored iSlate is said to release at the end of this month.

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  1. GadgetGirlTracy says:

    I have to say that I think my iPhone has easily replaced the DS as my favorite handheld gaming machine. I just love playing games on my iPhone. The hardest part is stopping myself from buying so many!!

  2. elaine says:

    I agree with GadgetGirlTracy. My iPod has DEFINITELY replaced my DS.

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