Posted by Female Gamers on Jan 20, 2010
X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Bullet Review

X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Bullet Review

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Here we go again people. It’s movie tie-in time. X-men Origins: Wolverine, which – like the film – covers the Wolverine back-story in some detail, with plenty of gore and over the top violence. If you like fighting combos Wolverine has them in droves, it’s just a shame the game is all so repetitive that it can become a little dull. Dodge, fight, dodge fight, dodge fight. Of course if you love the X-Men that isn’t to say you’re not going to enjoy the repetition, as it does have a few sweet effects. Essentially what we have here is a linear third person hack and slash, but with Wolverine doing some sweet moves. For those that enjoy the X-Men universe and particularly Wolverine, wait a few months until it’s on sale and snap it up because it is pretty cool.

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