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Boom Blox – Review

Boom Blox – Review

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Boom Blox immediately garnered the attention of the press because it had the name Steven Spielberg attached to it. Mr Spielberg you see is a fan of video games, but not the violent ones. With his guidance and ‘direction’ (haw haw) EA has come up with Boom Blox, a Wii puzzle game that takes full advantage of the Wii motion controls.

The gameplay of Boom Blox is a fairly simple premise – you (armed with your Wiimote) use a variety of ammunition (baseballs, bowling balls, laser guns) – figure out the best way to knock all blocks down out of a series of Jenga like puzzles. The block might be neatly stacked, intricately stacked or even part of larger multi-faceted puzzles.

The real beauty of Boom Blox is its Wii sensibility, this title was made for the Wii and it never feels like a game that would sit comfortably on another format. If you’ve played Wii Sports you’ll know what that feeling is, a fluidity that you don’t get with a lot of Wii games, because they could easily have appeared on non Wiimote controlled hardware.

Physics, hated it at school, love it in Boom Blox. The games physics are really the cornerstone of play and gravity is either your dear friend or arch enemy. It’s your job as player to utilize this aspect to your best advantage. Blocks fall and tumble as you would expect were they actually stacked on your coffee table.

Graphically speaking Boom Blox isn’t going to blow your socks off, but it is charming and certainly the lack of over the top flashy graphics doesn’t detract from what is fantastic and addictive gameplay. Sound too is nothing awe inspiring, but what is there suits the game and doesn’t detract in any way from the fun being had by all involved.

For the Ladies… There’s no female characters playable in Boom Blox to speak of, well other than that one penguin we saw lurking in the background, we’re pretty sure she was. The thing is, because there’s no human characterization in Boom Blox, it doesn’t really matter there’s no female characters, or anything else for that matter. There’s monkeys, cows, chickens, pigs and other creatures and they’re all so adorable gender complaints tend to go out the window.

Overall Boom Blox is a great little title, a simple concept that is so well executed you’ll be playing for hours. The addition of multiplayer modes means you can play with or against friends, be they beginners, or veteran gamers. Boom Blox is truly a game for gamers of all levels of expertise and it is this accessibility that adds yet more flavor to an already delicious title. Boom Blox wasn’t made by Nintendo, but it feels so well polished that it may well have been. That’s not to say the game can’t be excruciatingly frustrating at points, but it is one of those titles that will see you continue playing, even in your darkest puzzle stumped hour.

Review by Angela

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