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Viewtiful Joe 2 – Review

Viewtiful Joe 2 – Review

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Henshin-a-go-go baby! The immortal words of Viewtiful Joe, back again for his second outing. At first I was a little worried as I had heard that the only difference was a new character. Oh my god! Not another game gone the way of Devil may cry two – lets add a character and that will be enough to warrant a new game! However, it seems that Joe may have a little more up his sleeve.

Layout and Menu systems
The layout of this system is very simplistic. All the fonts look rather childish and are very brightly colored. This just adds to the games fun image. It is really easy to understand and navigate your way through the menu systems. With all the colors flashing around it is difficult not to enjoy yourself just thinking about playing the game.

As with the previous game the graphics are not state of the art but the way they are designed is nothing short of artistic genius. It is almost like being able to control the events in an old movie. A mixture of old cartoons and comic book drawings. I am a major fan of movies and comic books, so this style graphic design appeals to me in so many ways, So colourful. Just stunning.

Viewtiful Joe has some of the best sounds of any game I have heard in a while. The music is full of Chunky guitar riffs and whaling solos. In a nut shell the sounds of this game add so much to the game purely because it adds to the fun of the game. I loved the music in the first and I love the music in this game even more. If you love cheesy film music from the late eighties and early nineties, you will love it.

This game is very easy to get into and even easier to love. The controls are easy to understand and the levels are just generally good fun. Due to the introduction of a new character there are some new moves available to purchase. This adds a bit of length to the play time of the game. If the plot doesn’t have you intrigued or in stitches of laughter then I will eat my hat. (Please don’t make me eat my hat as it has hard bits in it).

Unfortunately, Viewtiful Joe 2 has a limited lastability. There are only so many hours that you can punch and kick in slow mo and fast forward before you get a little tired of it. Even with the new moves it seems that the entertainment can only last you until you have completed the game. Once you have done that then you have probably played enough. If you haven’t then you could always try to complete the game with a perfect score…

Who is this game for?
This game is mainly for fans of the first game I would say. There isn’t a vast difference between this game and the first. However, I feel this game would probably be better liked by female gamers due to the introduction of a strong female character. One let down is that the game has no subtitles. Sometimes the voices are difficult to understand. Those with hearing difficulties would find this particularly irritating and would find the story hard to follow. The story is a little odd anyway. Let’s turn people into Oscars!!! GREAT!

Pros and Cons
+ Colourful graphics
+ Great Character Voices
+ Cool moves
+ Unlockable moves
+ Generally good fun

– Sylvia does tend to be a little annoying
– Music becomes repetitive (Just like the commentary)
– No subtitles to show what the characters are saying.
– Two playable characters but no two player mode? Hmmm…

The First hour
Pre-game –Looked at the game in complete awe, for I had waited many moons to try this sequel. I had to clean the drool from the disc so I could play it. Also prepped myself for all the witty dialogue I was about to hear.

After 30 mins – I had managed to make it through the first couple of sections without a blemish and I had also achieved a viewtiful score each time (I rock).

After 45 mins – This was a good moment as I could finally afford to get double mach speed. Oh the joy!

After 60 mins – Was starting to feel the repetitiveness of the game. However, I continued to punch my way through hoards of bad guys.

Viewtiful Joe 2 is a good game. Good playability, nice graphics, thoroughly entertaining. However, there just isn’t enough new material for a sequel. In my opinion this game only merits an 8/10. I love this game but I think that so much more could have been added. Not quite disappointing but a little bit of let down. Still a brilliantly weaved game. Capcom…keep them coming.

Review by Stephen

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