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True Crime New York City – Review

True Crime New York City – Review

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Fo Shizzle homies it’s time to review Street Crime New York City. I will firstly point out, to you my humble reader, that I am bereft of feeling when it comes to these sorts of titles, I see them as filler titles and not ‘true’ games, because any moron can throw together a 3rd person shooty shooty with gangsta speak, a few rap songs and perhaps a car chase or two. There’s no spark or newness, since the GTA series have essentially milked the idea of street ‘hood’ to death and then some. I will remain objective though, I’m just that kind of gal.

The Big Apple … setting (unsurprisingly) for True Crime New York City, followup to the 2003 title True Crime Streets of LA. I never played that title, but it was met with fairly good reviews overall on its release, though most suggested it lacked polish. Sadly True Crimes: New York City seems to have a similar fate. The game begins with what is essentially a prologue background story in which you play as ‘Marcus’, a bloodied gang member type whose family have a history of crime, but let’s not spoil the story. Essentially Marcus slays a few hoodlums and is let off the hook by a family friend, Detective Higgins and a mere five years later Marcus, with the aid of Detective Higgins is now a NYC cop, just picking up his detective badge, ahh how simple that was after mowing down that gangster scum at the beginning of the title. And so the real game begins with a bang as it were a little further along.

Detective Reed, you’re a bad, bad man … but who cares about that, let’s get to the GTA styled missions and side missions. For me, there is little here that hasn’t been done better elsewhere. The story is full of the cheesiest cop / gangster cliché’s you’re ever likely to see / hear. There are the usual informants that will lead you to another scumbag and so it goes. The overall structure is okay, but there’s nothing overtly gripping. It’s all a bit crap really and repetitive, get mission, do mission, arrest perp, get career points. There’s also good cop / bad cop points, but I never really saw that these had any effect on the game overall. Each mission (for the most part) is quite samey and laden with henchmen you must mow down to progress. Some of the side missions were okay, but again they just felt hollow.

It’s gritty, It’s the city … environments are, in a word ‘samey’. I understand this is NYC and perhaps, to the non-visitor there this may be the case, but I’ve live in NYC and in my personal experience the city has a lot more to offer than a bunch of buildings and work places that inside seem surprisingly similar. The city itself is fairly well done and it’s a shame the same effort was not put into other aspects within the game environment. Character models are well done, but again I got the feeling I’d seen some of the same models a couple of times in the game, at different scenes, very strange. Driving sections were also pretty good, but at times it did feel that the framerate suffered for it. Along with this there was a bit of clipping and there’s not much left to say.

Cut that siren off god damn it! … The audio in the game is actually not too bad, some fairly decent voice acting even exists (names to drop: Lawrence Fishburne and Christopher Walken), let down only by some instances of sound pause, a very strange phenomenon, like a paused explosion or crash. It also cuts out completely at times. Music wise, it’s a NYC cop title with a lead African American gangster come copper main character, I’ll give you one guess, of course that’s all you need. It’s rap, at least for the most part. There are a few genres covered but essentially my brovaz and sistaz it’s rap with a capital C. Profanity abounds, but then you would expect that I suppose given the 18+ rating and the seedy NY underbelly of the story. For me it just felt a little forced and over done. No-one f_cking needs to swear that f_cking much, surely to f_ck? You get the picture. Deaf and hard of hearing gamers will find the subtitles option tucked away, not in the ‘audio’ section, but in the ‘display’ section of the options menu.

Good cop, Bad cop, Male Cop, Girl Cop … Yes there are female characters in the title and sadly I didn’t see one that had me thinking “She’s pretty cool”. I think the first female character you see is a female cop and this essentially sets the scene for the rest of the title. She’s in a position of power and wearing a teeny tiny mini skirt, I’m fairly sure this isn’t the usual dress code for a cop in a city like NYC, maybe she was undercover, making a Britney Spears video. Yes the ‘hoes’ are here too and even a ‘Godmother’ styled villain, but don’t panic, just as the usual racial stereotypes are in full effect, so is the usual array of crappy, one dimensional peripheral female characterization. Ahh bless them for not even trying.

At the end of the day … well why not finish a review of a clichéd game with one of the most annoying clichés in the English language. The story is trite and the ‘free-roaming’ gaming experience is never as free as you might want it to be. There are some nice touches, such as the cityscape itself, but overall it’s a repetitive title that relies heavily on the GTA loving crowd. Add to this a few glitches and it all became a little frustrating, the game froze on me 3 times, not too bad considering the time I spent with it you may think, but I’ve played other games longer and they’ve not crashed, so it really depends on your outlook. On the upside, the overall cinematic feel will be enjoyed by those of you who like gritty cop shows and some of the cutscenes are fairly entertaining. For this girl though, it was less Cagney and Lacey and more G-Unit and P-Duddy. A slightly above average 3 out of 5 for the GTA style certain gamers adore.

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