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TimeSplitters: Future Perfect – Review

TimeSplitters: Future Perfect – Review

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Those cheeky time traveling thieves, the TimeSpilitters are back again. Once more trying to steal the time crystals so that they can control time, and take over the world…the universe….and everything!!!!

Now if only there was someone who would follow them through time and take em down!! Ah Cortez, it’s good to have you back. But this time it’s not only the Splitters that Cortez will have to deal with…

I’ve been a BIG fan of the TimeSplitters series since getting the original as one of my first games for my PS2 and loving it, and playing it for hours. And then the follow up was even better, so I have been really looking forward to this third installment.

I’m not even going to try to explain the story to much because it goes back and forth more than a back and forth machine on the back and fourth of July!!! There are times when another Cortez will protect you (Cortez), and then later in the level YOU will be the other Cortez from earlier protecting the Cortez (you) that you were earlier….(read it sort of makes sense???!!!) Even later there’s more than one future and past Cotez’s in on the action at once. It does work, and it is really cool seeing the you from earlier, and being the you from later… I’ll leave that for now, but take it from me, when you play it, it’s a great idea that works well.

The fact that there is an actual story is a bit of a thing really. The first game was a ‘bad aliens – kill em – different time periods’ sort of situation. And some people complained about it not having story at all. I personally did not mind about the lack of a deep story line because the game was so flippin playable, especially in multiplayer. With TS2 and more so now with Future Perfect, they have put more
effort into the story, I think to try to appeal to the more middle of the road gamer. And thankfully it does not make the game any less playable, if anything it makes me want to get a bit further each time to find out where I’m going next, and what’s going to happen. But it does seem easier, even on the normal setting. Stick it on hard if your a player and you should get a decent challenge though 😉

There are some quite funny film and game references. Such as on one level you have to help the human resistance to defeat the ‘Ultranet’ robots!!! And on another level you have to help to hack into a mainframe (very Matrix style). One of the new baddie zombie types is very ‘flood’ like, exploding when they come near you, and on another level you dress like a scientist, and you’re told that your name is Gordon…??? (what game could that be???) And there are lots of other funny bits in the single player campaign. Most of these are when you team up with other NPCs (although some of these characters are the you from earlier…or later…or both!!!) At some points in the game you get to take control of vehicles, including jeeps, and in the Scottish castle level, a truck with a machine gun mounted on the back. At this point you can choose to drive the truck, and let the computer character mount the gun, or you can take control of the turret, and have your buddy drive you. Although on this level it’s a straightforward road, on other levels you’ll need to turn the vehicle more, and this can be a bit awkward because of an erratic camera, but it’s only a minor quibble.

The main single player game is well worth playing through, and it’s really fun to do so as well. But even after competing the single player portion of the game you won’t be finished….not by a long shot (sniper shot). There are loads of Arcade and Challenge levels to be getting on with, including loads of different modes in single player (these can also be played in multiplayer as well) Some of these levels include having to blow zombie monkeys heads clean off, and racing a remote control cat!!! Getting all the medals in these arcade and challenge levels will take quite a while, but it’s worth doing for the unlockable characters
(Around 150).

The multiplayer aspect has always been a strong point for the TimeSplitters games, with a wealth of different game types, loads of great characters, and really well put together and well thought out maps. And Future Perfect is just as good, actually it’s even better now. This is due to TS finally going online. So now you’ll always have real people to be playing against, rather than bots. The map maker in this third game has been given a bit of a makeover, and is now easier to use, and so this makes it easier to produce more multiplayer maps, so that ‘if’ you do get bored with the standard ones you can create your own!! And now that the game is online, you can download new maps made by other people the world over…so the number of maps to play on is limitless. This gives the game endless replayability, because as well as multi player maps, you can also create story levels (and download story levels created by other people). The only problem here, and it’ll only apply to the PS2 version, is storing the maps. A memory card will fill pretty damn quickly if you start downloading lots of maps!! So unless you wanna buy lots of new memory cards, or one of those maxdrive thingys, then you can only have a few maps at a time. Like I say, it’ll only be like that for the PS2 version, on the Xbox you’ll be able to keep tons of maps. That way you’ll always have a different map for the next match.

Graphically the game looks great…really great, one of the best looking games I’ve got for PS2. Nice colourful cartoony characters, and on some levels there is lots going on in the background, like the castle level, which is being attacked by planes, and having missiles fired at it. And the graphics don’t suffer because of all this action, which is really good.

Sound is good too. With a decent soundtrack (that still sounds so very Goldeneye), and good voice acting, some of which is really funny. And the guns sounds spot on, as are the explosions and other effects. For the hearing impaired or deaf gamer the game features subtitles and mission objectives are written on screen.

Female aspect of the game. Well in the story mode you play as Cortez, so no female aspect there!! But in the multiplayer, there are loads of female characters to choose, so a big yay for the girls – at least in multiplayer – then!!

Overall I’d say this game is a must buy if you like first person shooters, even if you don’t, give it a try…it may convert you! You’ll be playing this games for months to come. First of all to complete the story, then to unlock the characters in the arcade and challenge modes, and what’ll keep you playing is the fantastic multiplayer.

Now…it’s Time to Split!!!

Review by Roy

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