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Spy vs. Spy – Review

Spy vs. Spy – Review

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I remember the Spy Vs Spy game way back on the Commodore 64 (better than the spectrum). So when I heard that the game was getting a 3D revamp, I was quite excited, as I recall the C64 game being quite a laugh, especially in multi (two) player mode. And it turns out that this game is very much the same as the previous one in that respect, that it’s more fun in multi player than single.

Single player has you being either the black or white spy, and being sent out on missions, usually to recover a certain item from a specific area of the map. The info about what the item is and where to find it are shown at the beginning of the level, but can also be seen at any point in the game by pressing the select button. The baddies that are out to stop you vary from level to level, apart that is, from the other spy’s, who are also looking to find the ‘secret’.

And that’s pretty much it for the single player part. Although at the start of each level, in your hideout, you can purchase different weapons and different tools for the coming level. Your hideout is also used as a health restore point when your running low. This can be a bit of a pain backtracking to refill your health though! The weapons and booby traps do make up for it though…a bit. Your weapons can include chainsaws, bazookas, and flame throwers. And there are mines and other traps, some that can only be put inside say a safe.. The spring loaded boxing glove..’springs’ mind!! But using tools can render some of the traps useless. If you are carrying a monkey wrench, then you can defuse a spring loaded boxing glove before it can do you any harm. It’s just a shame that the controls are quite unresponsive, most noticeably when you are required to jump. It can become quite frustrating quickly.

Other game mode choices are, Classic, which is more like the original version. You are in a building with another spy, and you must find the five hidden items before your enemy does. You can plant traps along the way to try to take your foe out, but be warned, so can they!! It’s a bit more stealthy, but not quite Splinter cell, or Metal gear, but it does seem a bit more fun than the uninspiring story mode. Modern is the other mode choice, and this is the same as classic mode, but using the maps from the single player game.

Multi player is where this game makes up for most of the single player short comings though. Online you’re playing against other people who have the same problems with the controls as you do, so you are all on a fair level. There are the usual game types, including deathmatch variations, including last man standing, and there’s one where you have to collect a m.a.d icon and keep hold of it for as long as possible (oddball Halo style). One major gripe about the online part of the game, and it’s not really the games fault, is the lack of players. This is the Playstation 2 version I’m playing, and when I go online to find a game to join, there is usually none…NONE!!!! The few games I have played have all been a great laugh, but waiting….waiting….waiting….waiting….X100 puts the online thing down a bit, which is a shame because it’s the most fun part of the game. Maybe it’s because it’s a cheap game?? Maybe it hasn’t got the greatest reviews?? But I thought there would be more people!! Perhaps the Xbox version will have more gamers online playing?

Graphically the game is o.k-ish. It looks sort of cartoony, which is good because it’s based on a cartoon strip. But it’s not as good as say XIII, another cartoony game based on a comic book. But they do there job o.k.

Sound is not exactly stellar either. But again, it does enough to be o.k, nothing more though. For deaf gamers the game would be fine, there is no speaking, the spy’s only do an evil cackle type laugh when they take one of there foes down. And all the info for the level, and what to do, come up on screen at the start of each level.

Girl gamer aspect is pretty decent, as the spy’s don’t come across as being either male or female, although I reckon they may well be fellas. But they look as if they could be anything!!

I’m going to give this a six out of ten, because of the samey story mode, and the dodgy controls. But if you have online (especially Xbox Live because there is nobody on the PS2 online!!), then you can add one to that, because against other people this game is a great laugh, and surely that’s a good thing. Oh yeah, it’s only cheap, so if you see, and you’ve got a few quid spare…..maybe…

Review by Roy

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