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Shrek SuperSlam – Review

Shrek SuperSlam – Review

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We all know who Shrek is by now, or at least we should. The loveable big green ogre with that over the top Scottish accent has become a modern day hero for both adults and children alike and now it’s time for you to play along with some of the characters from the show in a Super Smash Brothers type melee game.

The basic premise of Shrek SuperSlam is to engage in a number of melee battles with the many characters who have appeared in both Shrek movies. There is a single player mode that allows you to follow a story that centres around telling fairy tales to donkey and dragons children (dronkeys). Your aim is to get them to sleep and the way you do this is by telling them a series of stories that are actually just excuses for fighting. Story mode is fairly thin, as I finished it in under an hour, but there’s so much more on this game that it will keep you entertained. Once you’ve completed story mode, you can indulge yourself in a ton of mini games in the mega challenge map. This allows you to unlock new characters and other cool things along with the costume changes you can unlock in story mode. There’s also the ability to simply play two minute melee rounds, do some training and check out the trophy room. Overall, the single player mode on this game isn’t going to keep you entertained for weeks, you’ll finish it fairly quickly but younger kids are going to think this is just the right level of difficulty for them and there’s plenty there to keep them amused.

The real beauty of this game is the multi-player angle. You will take great glee in whooping your friends asses in the multiplayer mode and enjoying the Shrek characters bounding around smashing into objects and then picking them up and throwing them. The aim is of course to slam your opponent as much as possible and with these slams you’ll rack up points against your opponent, eventually giving you the victory The various ways that you can fight your enemies depends on which character you’re playing, each having their own specialist moves. The multi-player aspect really extends the longevity of this game and it is a great party game. There’s a lot going on at the same time on the screen but the PS2 seems to handle it pretty well. The interactive nature of the backgrounds really add to the game play as it’s cool seeing a little Gingerbread man pick up a huge table and haul it across the room at someone.

The graphics in Shrek SuperSlam are really good. They’re very bright and colorful and they pay homage to the movies very well. The character likenesses are excellent throughout the game and they stay true to the amusing personalities from the films. The most immersive aspect is the aforementioned interactive backgrounds. Each of the areas you play have varied styles and settings and some of the best are the parodies of famous TV shows such as Cribs and Cops.

The sound on this game was one of the highlights for me. The stars of the Shrek movies didn’t loan their voices to this title however, the makers have found some excellent mimics and at times you can’t tell it isn’t the original actors. They use the same witty quips and phrasing as the films and the music is brilliant. As you go into each different level, the music alters to fit in with the task at hand. I loved the western type feel when Puss n Boots was in the saloon. Another great addition is subtitles, allowing the game to be used by deaf gamers without any problem at all.

This game is likely to appeal to all ages, but mainly the younger generations. It’s a great game to buy if you have kids and are looking for something that you can all play together. It will definitely be something that you can share in and there’s tons of fun to be had there. Female gamers are going to enjoy it just as much as males because it gives you the option of playing Princess Fiona and also Fiona Ogre and both are as good at fighting as the other characters. It’s a great game for all round family fun.

Overall, this is a cute little melee game and it will bring a smile to your face at times and no doubt make you giggle at some of the jokes. It isn’t the longest game on the planet and there’s not really that much to keep your mind working. You’ll collect items through fights and mini games and you’ll continue smashing and slamming your way through each bout but ultimately, unless this is the kind of thing you like, you’ll probably tire of it soon enough. Definitely a game for younger gamers, this title would make a good addition to someone under 12’s Christmas stocking.

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