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La Pucelle Tactics – Review

La Pucelle Tactics – Review

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When I saw the cover of this game I immediately thought ‘wow, this game is just my thing’. My thing being, turnbased RPG style games with beautiful graphics and a hint of Manga. This game certainly ticks all the right boxes, for me at least.

Let’s start with the story…
La Pucelle Tactics is essentially a tactical RPG mixed with puzzler that embroils the player in a tale of monsters and demons. You play 3 characters which are all novice demon hunters who have just joined La Pucelle, the church’s demon hunting squad. The main characters consist of:
Prier – she’s the firey, aggressive and outspoken girl of the group. all she wants is to be a Maiden of Light.
Culotte – he’s the younger brother of Prier, throughout the game he is trying to prove himself worthy.
Aluette – she’s the do-gooder of the group. she has no memory of her past and is trying to find herself using the Church of the Holy Maiden as her guide.
As the game progresses you meet new main characters that add to the story.

The similarities between La Pucalle Tactics and Final Fantasy Tactics on the GBA cannot be ignored. it is almost the same game, just better graphics (obviously) and its story is far more compelling. It is a mission based game and you gain experience from killing or catching demons.

Just killing your enemies isn’t the only option that you have in this game, you can also ‘Purify’ them, this means that the demon will convert and become good. this is an awesome skill to have as the demons are then on your team and you can use them to defeat other demons. However the stronger the demon the harder it is for you to make them convert (it is also harder when you have more than one of that species in your team – they are more reluctant). You can also combine character’s to have powerful attacks and this is very useful when defeating bad guys.

It is possible to complete stages without completing all the levels, although this means you can complete levels quickly it does have its drawbacks as the game is experience based (fewer levels completed means fewer EXP my friends). So my advice to anyone playing this game is to go back to completed stages and double check everything is in order, not only does this help the story progress but it also helps your characters become harder and less easy to kill.

This is a left to right scrolling game and is very 2-D for the most part. At first I was disappointed by the graphics of the game, however as the game has progressed I have become rather fond of the 2-D, almost comic style graphics (very old school for those of you who have been gamers a long time). The characters themselves are very small and rounded when on screen so this does make it difficult to read the expressions, although when the characters talk to one another there is an illustration of their face, this illustration changes depending on what they say, this too is in a very stylized anime fashion. The game is subtitled and also has most of the characters speaking. it was a relief when I noted that the voices weren’t annoying or overly theatrical, all in all the voice acting is actually pretty good.

The game itself is fairly simple, most of the time the only button you have to hit is X, occasionally changing this for Triangle. You can’t skip scenes which can become increasingly frustrating when you die and have to start again. This is what happened to me and I could quote what was being said before long. During battles the camera angles can become very awkward, this is also true of the greenery which has been placed in the forests in which you fight.

When my characters aren’t engrossed in setting the lost spirits free during battles, I control Prier, however other characters are there… I guess they’re just invisible.

The story is rather complicated and difficult to explain, although when playing it is is relitivle easy to follow, thankfully. You play these 3 demon hunters, which are all doing their part for the church of the Holy Maiden. Side stories include learning about the past of the brother and sister pair Colette and Prier and Alluette remembering her past (not sure if this is entirely true as yet – haven’t played that far). New characters joining your group add more side stories and soon the game has become a web of interlocking characters.

Girl Gamers will like this title, but it’s not just for the girls, it is cool that two of the main characters are female though!! All in all if you like this sort of thing you’re going to really like this whether you are male or female, human or demon.

Overall I’d rate this game 4 out of 5. It is so addictive and to quote Jono “it can even overide hunger”. The story is compelling even though very complicated and the gameplay is quick and easy to pick up. There is nothing too taxing about this game, it seems to me that it is just clean fun. The dialogue that Prier uses is at times very entertaining and her temper is equally good to watch, although the graphics are a little disappointing for a PS2 game, you become fond of the 2-Dimensional side scrolling gameplay which has a lot of old school charm. All in all a really cool game.

Review by Amanda and Jono

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