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Princess Leia Organa Rebel Leader from the Star Wars universe – Honorary Oakley

Princess Leia Organa Rebel Leader from the Star Wars universe – Honorary Oakley

How on Earth, or indeed Alderaan we forgot this lady is beyond explanation. When our member Ripley suggested Princess Leia in the Honorary Oakley thread, a great disturbance was felt in the Force, as if millions of pins suddenly dropped in terror and the thread was suddenly silenced. Okay enough corny Star Wars quotes, the fact remains we can’t believe we forgot Princess Leia, kick ass chick from the Star Wars universe. It is, a travesty… but thanks to Ripley (whose name matches that of an earlier Oakley recipient HERE), we’re about to reverse this mistake by naming Princess Leia Organa Solo (nee Skywalker – born Leia Amidala Skywalker) our Honorary Oakley for this month.

Political Rebel …
Princess Leia Organa is more than just a princess, she was also a political envoy and member of the Imperial Senate. Leia joined the Senate at the age of 18. Having being adopted by Senator Viceroy Bail Organa and his wife Queen Breha, politics was a way of life. She remained a member of the Senate until it was dissolved by Palpatine. During her time at the Senate, Leia had aligned herself with the Rebel Alliance and used her political powers to aid them. When the Senate dissolved, Leia took up a more active role with the Alliance and the rest as they say is history.. or as we like to say here in the Honorary Oakley.. herstory.

Princess Plothole …
Leia Amidala Skywalker is the child of Padme and Anakin Skywalker. She is hidden away when a baby, along with her twin brother Luke due to their father Anakin turning to the dark side of the force. Leia is sent to Alderaan and Luke to be brought up on the desert planet of Tattooine with his Unlce and Aunt. This never made much sense to some, as Leia was hidden away and Luke went to relatives, go figure. Trouble is, Leia states to Luke when asked about her mother that she remembers her as being “kind, but sad”, perhaps more down to the force than actual memories, given Padme Amidala dies during the childbirth (and it should be pointed out, she’s pretty cool too and may appear in a future Oakley).

Princess Peachy…
The great thing about Princess Leia is, she was a really cool kick ass female character, at a time when cinemas were awash with the usual wife, lady of the night, disco diva roles). She wasn’t forever tripping over her own two feet or squealing for help. Sure she needed rescuing and there was the love story with Captain Solo, but as female characters of the time go, their weren’t that many who could hold their own (Ellen Ripley, Cleopatra Jones, Jackie Brown, Laury Strode to name but a few from around that period). Leia was able to shoot a blaster, ride a speederbike, lead armies and various other traits usually left to ‘the boys’. Oh and let’s not forget, she also had one of the most recognizable hairdos of an entire generation.

Just what happened to Princess Leia after Return of the Jedi anyway? There have been loads of stories written and it appears that after the Rebel victory on Endor, Leia establishes New Alderaan, given the demise of her home planet Alderaan. New Alderaan becomes a new home for those that survived the destruction of the original planet, the royal house is reinstated and Leia Organa Solo becomes head sovereign (though the planet was actually a constitutional monarchy with governmental leadership). Other stories suggest she continues her fight with the rebel alliance, becoming Chief of State of the New Republic (previously held by Mon Mothma). She also takes up Jedi skills and builds her own green lightsaber (though other versions suggest Luke builds her two). She has twins to han Solo, named Jacen and Jaina and another son born later named Anakin Solo (who is later killed, much to the pain of his mother).

A Life Lived …
On reading about Princess Leia one thing becomes clear, she’s an amazing woman. She’s done amazing acts of humanity, both to her own detriment and that of her family. She’s places herself in harms way on many occasions for the good of her people and she’s protected countless innocents from the threat of evil. We can’t believe we never thought of adding Princess Leia Organa Solo to the annals of the Honorary Oakley prior to this. Still, she’s here now forever more, kicking ass and taking numbers. We should also put a shout out to actress / writer Carrie Fisher, the woman that breathed life into the character of Leia with much gusto and tenacity, for without her Princess Leia wouldn’t be quite the cool icon she became. Princess Leia we salute you as Thumb Bandits Honorary Oakley for August 2007.

Thanks to forum member ‘Ripley’ for this suggestion.

Princess Leia – We Salute You!

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