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Morgan Webb Goddess of Gaming – Honorary Oakley

Morgan Webb Goddess of Gaming – Honorary Oakley

Where are the weeks going, it only seems like yesterday that girl gaming guru Laura Foy was front and center as the May 2007 Honorary Oakley. With that in mind and thanks to a couple of well placed suggestions within our forums and via MSN, we find ourselves this month looking at another female gaming guru, Ms Morgan Webb.

Morgan Ailis Webb is a female gamer and host of various tech related TV shows in the US. She started out working for The Screen Savers as a researcher, followed by G4TechTV before moving onto X-Play and various other technology related jobs within the industry. She also writes a female gamer column in a certain magazine….
Morgan Webb Commando

FHM Ahem…
Okay we’re covering this aspect of Ms Webb first because it seems to go against the Honorary Oakley and all it stands for. Morgan Webb does a monthly column for FHM magazine titled ‘Tips From The Gaming Goddess’. Given FHM’s rather obvious objectification of women, this is hardly the sort of thing that would usually make its way into the Honorary Oakley, which is about strong women. We look at it this way, obviously FHM is going to show a bikini clad Webb beside the article, that’s what they’re about, but she’s still a cool girl gamer with a major gaming column in a major magazine, it’s a step. This aside it should be pointed out that Morgan Webb won Tech TVs Sexiest Techie in 2004 and the winner was offered a Playboy centerfold spread, Ms Webb immediately refused. So clearly she’s not all about that sort of thing.

Olde Skool Gamer…
Morgan Webb isn’t a fly by night female gamer who took up gaming in order to gain employment. According to her bio, she’s been a gamer since childhood, cutting her teeth on such addictive titles as Combat on the Atari 2600 (ahh those were the days). From reading various pieces written by her, she does seem to have a great grasp on gaming overall and over various formats. Not just a pretty face then it would seem.

Sexiest Female…
Morgan Webb has her fair share of admirers and has won various sexiest polls held in a multitude of magazines, or at least appeared within them. She is obviously good looking and the allure of good looks, gaming prowess and computer knowledge would appear to be a major draw of this Gaming Goddess. One can’t help but wonder though if Ms Webb’s illustrious gaming career would be quite what it is were this not the case. Still, that’s the way of the world, so we can’t hold Morgan Webb guilty of good looks to the detriment of female gamers everywhere. It’s great to see a woman taken seriously for her love of the game, even if certain media sectors still feel the need to play the bikini card at any given opportunity.

Morgan Minute…
For those of you unfamiliar with the lovely Morgan Webb, we point you in the direction of everyone’s favorite research tool YouTube. Ahh yes, bastion of all that is good in gaming. Here you can watch Morgan Webb and see what the woman is all about. One of our favorite segments is The Morgan Minute, a literal minute in which Morgan Webb recounts some gaming catastrophe, a niggling point about gaming, something cool about gaming and various other things on her pretty little mind. It’s really cool and she’s right on the money as she states Movie + Game = Lame, Advertising in Games Sucks, Halo is Hyped!

Webbheads versus Fanboys (girls)…
As we close the book on girl gaming superstar Morgan Webb, we take a look at the dichotomy of being a great girl gamer in a centerfold body. According to IheartMorganWebb, people who appreciate Morgan for her gaming prowess over her looks (that be most of us here at Thumb Bandits) are known as Webbheads. Those that prefer looking at her and don’t really care what her thoughts on the latest games are–are referred to as Fanboys (or girls we assume as there are probably a few of those too). Funny, the same rule applies to consoles when you really think about it. It’s been a joy learning more about Morgan Webb, it’s great to see a woman getting the word out that female gamers like shooters, that we’re not all into pink DS’s and that we can look good AND play games, it’s not a crime. It’s good to be a Webbhead.. Morgan Webb, we salute you as our Honorary Oakley for June 2007!

Morgan Webb – We Salute You!

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