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Laura Foy cool girl gamer – Honorary Oakley

Laura Foy cool girl gamer – Honorary Oakley

It’s mid 2007, man time flies!. This time around the Honorary Oakley’s is going to take a look at another ‘real’ person. We’ve done a few characters recently, female game characters and a few fictional TV characters. This month we’re not only looking at a real human woman… but better than that, she’s a cool female gamer! Well come on now, what more could you possibly want? Who is she? Well her name is Laura Foy, she’s a kick ass gamer and TV presenter, amongst other things. So let’s take a look at the lady herself, get a feel for what she’s about and bow before her mighty gaming self…

“I’m pretty sure I was a strange little kid. Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure I’m also a strange grown-up”

Laura Who? …
Laura Foy is a young woman born in New York back in 1976. Unlike some female gaming show hosts, Laura Foy wasn’t just there as eye candy (though sure, we all concur that could easily be part of it given how she looks), she’s a true female gamer. She started her hosting life with the online show Lilith and Eve and eventually moved on to other gaming TV shows, including GameTime. Laura Foy also worked with a few other female gamers, including Brit born Tina Wood of G4 TV.

Game Over Man, Game Over…
In mid December 2005, both Laura Foy and Tina Wood announced that G4 had canned G4TV. A lot of gamers were none too happy about the move, whilst others felt it was inevitable. Despite the cancellation, both Laura Foy and Tina Wood remained firmly entrenched in the games industry, both now working for Microsoft over at, yes you may give a little girl gaming cheer if you like.

Okay so a lot of our readers external to the United States are going to be scratching their heads going Laura who? It doesn’t matter that G4TV was pretty much a US only thing and that therefore Laura Foy isn’t overly famous outside the USA. Other countries have their equivalents, at least the UK did, in fact we covered a few of them right here at Thumb Bandits way back in August 2004 when we took a peek at UK female gaming guru Violet Berlin. We also ran a couple of Q&A sessions with the brilliant Emily Newton Dunn and Aleks Krotoski (who are probably Foy’s UK equivalents more so than Violet Berlin). If you like Laura and you missed these Q&A sessions, make sure you check them out, Emily and Aleks are cool female gamers too.

A Brush With Greatness…
Ok so we didn’t contact Laura Foy prior to writing this article, why? Well, time constraints, well that and we didn’t want to seem crawly, because we hate that. Credit where credit is due, we think Laura Foy kicks ass and is brilliant, so why bother doing that whole ‘we love you’ email thing, it all just seems so creepy. Sure it would have been nice to get a quote from the lady herself, especially for this article, you never know, maybe if she trips over it on the interweb, we’ll get to add one. Till then we’ll just say, she’s a girl gamer, true to gaming, sticks to the cause, understands what it’s all about and goes about this in an intelligent manner. What more could you all want?

Shane Is My Homegirl…
Ok you ladies in the know appreciate what we’re getting at, you could call it ‘the Pink thing’. Quite a few of the girls here at Thumb Bandits adore Ms Foy, for more than just her gaming style. Is she, isn’t she.. who really cares (ok some of you lol), you have to love that hairdo, that style and that overall cool factor, whether it’s a yes, or a no. About the only thing letting Laura Foy down in the cool stakes is that she’s quoted as saying Madonna is her role model… hmm. Well we’re not sure about that, but we are sure we’ve enjoyed an all too brief look into one hell of a cool girl gamer. Laura Foy, we salute you as Thumb Bandits Honorary Oakley for May 2007. Keep on gaming!

Laura Foy – We Salute You!

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