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Vagina Gamerlogues Act Three – Premenstrual Gaming

Vagina Gamerlogues Act Three – Premenstrual Gaming

Note: Please be aware the Vagina Gamerlogues are meant for an adult readership. They cover social themes in a direct yet questioning manner. Ok I’m just going to say it, there are a couple of ‘famous’ (well as famous as any female gaming groups can be!) girl gamer clans that I’m sure you’ve probably all heard of, one is PMS Clan and the other is FragDolls. This article is not to slate these women, but rather to spur discussion and question things that whilst obvious to some, may go unnoticed by others. So here’s the thing, do these boothbabe styled girl gamer groups hurt women gamers or aid them? This is one of the questions some far more tactful person than I at TB was going to put to both groups via a questionnaire, but as they have apparently snubbed the polite request, I, Ann Thropic will draw my own conclusions based on the evidence at hand and say to them this – if you have PR make sure they reply, that is what PR is for!

It ain’t heavy it’s my gamer …
PMS, scourge of women everywhere, not only for the cramps, shooting pains, heavy flow of blood from your innards, but also for the overall ideology that women make sh_t up, that PMS is somehow psychosomatic and by being such can therefore become the butt of jokes for many a man who has never suffered such physical pain since his large drinking binge set off by the e-coli flavored curry that seemed like a good idea at the time! Couple this with hormones that are doing what they like for the days leading up to Aunt Flows visit and you’re in for mood swings and a woman who should truly be avoided. So this seems like the perfect name for a female gaming clan PMS – Pre Menstrual Stress, bitchy line used by many to suggest a woman is “acting out”, or “on the rag”.

PMS my readers is three letters to belittle womanhood and everything it stands for. PMS should stand for Profanity Men Shout at ‘her indoors’ as she drops a glass and cries for no apparent reason, but should it be used for a girl gaming clan? Well perhaps they are to be avoided any time of the month, perhaps they’ll kick your unsuspecting male ass, maybe that’s the message, albeit blurred.

Barbie Sucks Ass! …
FragDolls… Dolls.. interesting. Dolls, those mini ladies girls play with whilst still too young to realize the social conditioning machine at work. Dolls with babies, Dolls that are babies, Dolls with cookers, irons and more! Dolls.. in a Valley… all of whom know life is about a man, having a child and the respect that brings… Jacqueline Susann would be proud… Run Jennifer North, run while you can!!! *ahem*

….But there are other types of dolls.. those of the VooDoo kind, perhaps these are the dolls the fragdolls are named after because surely naming a strong girl group after a bunch of socially restrictive childrens toys isn’t a great idea and certainly doesn’t promote girl power in any way? Perhaps it’s ironic? Perhaps I’m missing the pointy point of it…. watch your hair Ann, guard your hairbrush, just in case it is the VooDoo type!

I checked out the Dolls in some photos, with their lower than low hipsters and their perky little chests, the advertising machine at work, promoting these kick ass ladies in an all male gazed way, such a shame.

So what’s the take, what’s the score, what the hell is going on in the world when we seem to be so restricted to type? Periods and Dollies, two parts of every woman, but far from a whole. Do I respect these groups who seem to be shuttled around the gaming circuit like lambs to the slaughter? Hmm tough call, I admire their gaming prowess, I’m not sure I admire the packaging, but let’s face it people, it’s all about the packaging, right? Depth of meaning matters little if you can find a skinny white girl with hipsters, straight teeth and a joypad to pose for photos before her next game of Counter Strike. Say CHEESE!

Disclaimer: Ok let’s get this out of the way shall. The Vagina Gamerlogues are meant as a tongue in cheek look at the problems facing the girl gamer, then and now. These are not necessarily fact for everyone, these are merely one girl gamers artistic expression in words about the way she sees the world of gaming and the problems she sees facing the female gamer. They also do not reflect the views of ALL thumb bandits members, just as most articles do not reflect the views of all readers. These are meant to be read with a smattering of ‘fun’ whilst you somehow soak up the ‘real’ message therein.

Miss Ann Thropic
The original girl gaming big mouth questioning the industry we love with a little bit of snark.

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